How to put burned items into review queue

Hey guys,
ok I know this question has been asked already, but all the answers are kinda unsatisfying.
How can I review burned items? In an easy way?
I don’t want to reset them completely, rather make them come into review every 2-3 months. Is that possible? If yes, how?

I downloaded the tampermonkey, with the Wanikani Burn Reviews, but it’s not working… :confused:

Thanks everyone!

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According to the thread [Userscript] Burn Reviews (ver 2.2.5) the burn review script is not maintained any more.

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The self study script has a burned items option


Long long ago, before the burn manager script, I used to email and Viet would reset all my burned items to the SRS level that I wanted. I stopped doing that when I realized what suddenly thousands of reviews look like.



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