How to get the code

How can I get the discount code? I clicked the link I found but it just took me to my wanikani page. I want to sign up for one year.

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There’s a page that says there’s a discount code, but then does just that, takes you to the WaniKani page; that page doesn’t have any codes.

You could get a code in an email from WaniKani, or by using their other paid services (iirc), but there are no codes available online.

What link? What page?

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The same page everyone tries to get a code from.
The first non-WaniKani page result you get when you search “wanikani discount code”.


I guess the fact that I know there’s no code made the use of “the code” confusing to me. Never been to one of those coupon sites, but I guess people will make up anything to get clicks.

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There used to be coupon codes floating around that actually worked. I think they shut those down a year or two ago though.

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I am pretty sure that the codes are kept in level B-8. :wink:


I used a 50% off coupon code that was emailed to me in January. I looked it up and the same code was being shared coupon birds.

It was good for a limited time.

If you don’t know the code, you’ve clearly never been invited to the secret WaniKani speakeasy. :stuck_out_tongue:


Did the email you got come with a code? I had the Textfugu discount way back in the day and I had to put in a code to get the discount. As for putting it in and subscribing:

  1. Open the menu and click on the Subscription tab.

  2. Once you’re there it’s pretty easy. You have your three subscription methods here.

  3. If you have a code. Scroll down to lower on the same page and you should be able to input it. It’ll look something like this.


Yes, as it was meant for 50% off for people who had already paid for Tofugu lifetime. And somehow, it was the same code (rather than individual tokens) for absolutely everyone, so it was widespread and ended up everywhere… reddit, etc.

That’s probably a super old link, and OP, that’s probably “the code” it was referring to.

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I have no idea what this means. What is B8

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There is a Wanikani scavenger hunt contest that has been running for several months. It started at level B0, and the participants have so far solved all of the clues up to level B5, I think. So, level B8 would be months in the future, hence unreachable. There are lots of codes in the contest, so most of the regular users would get the joke.
Sorry to have posted an inside joke. :slight_smile:
And also good luck with Wanikani!

Not very eGoooott of you. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks! I’m having a blast

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