WaniKani Coupon available?


I was wondering if there are any coupons that I could use because I want to continue refining my kanji knowledge. I have reached level 3! However, the subscription is quite expensive for my situation and a discount would be most welcome.

Also, is this couponbird site, that I have found randomly while searching for coupons, legit? Does anyone know if it works and how?

Thanks for your time fellow 鰐蟹人.


There used to be a discount provided for Textfugu members, but being that they’re not accepting new memberships, I don’t think that’s a thing anymore

There’s usually a sale every Christmas on the lifetime membership and it goes from $299 --> $199, so if that’s something you think you’d want, you could do monthly/yearly and then anything left paid on your current subscription will go towards a further deduction on the sale price once the sale comes around again :crabigator:


There are no coupons. Maybe they’ll help you out if you email them. I have no idea if they do that kind of thing.

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The coupon is still a thing, renewed my subscription with it recently. But yeah, not an option if you’re not already a member. Though I’m not sure if it can’t be found somewhere on the internet. :zipper_mouth_face:


Shortly after I signed up for WaniKani, I got an email from them about getting a Monthly or Yearly membership for 50% off. Is this not a standard automated email?

I sat on it until I got to level 3 and finally used it after I decided I just needed to get to level 4. I’m hooked now.


You are late for Christmas sale offerings…


No sale is offered currently, but once a year for Christmas/New Years there is a pretty good sale on WK memberships.
It’s very much worth it to get a lifetime during that sale imo.

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I see.

No, I did not recieve an email with a 50% discount, unfortunately. That would be awesome. And no, I am not interested in the lifetime offer because I only want this as a push to go forward just this time. I think I am on a N3-N2 level (grammar) and I want to quickly do a revision of kanji readings (mostly). I believe that in about 3 months I will have finished all the levels, unless they become bigger in content as you level up. I am not sure though.

What about this couponbird site? Does anyone have heard of it? It’s the first I get when I google “wanikani coupons”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is not how WaniKani works.
The system has its own pace, and you can’t skip or make it faster.
I think the fastest you can go is a year.
If I understood correctly.


Maybe you are right. I have just multiplied my time leveling up by 60 and I concluded to that. It can be very inaccurate, that is true.

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Also, that site doesn’t work for WaniKani. You’d have to search deeper than that. :stuck_out_tongue:
You can try the codes on your subscription page, if you find any.

Dark web here I come! xD

Seriously, I am going to search more, of course. I wanted to be sure though that there is nothing obvious I miss here. Thanks a lot for your answers Kazzeon.

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If you finish Level 3 and wait for a few months, the staff might email a 40% off discount code that you can use for Level 4 and onwards. That’s what they did for me.


I got a 50% off code just like iizziei a few days after I initially signed up. The email sort of reads like it was angled at people who didn’t buy a subscription during Christmas sales, though. I probably signed up just in time.


I will be waiting for that mail then. :japanese_ogre:

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Didn’t receive the 50% email though. Anyone have a subscription promo code to share, please? Considering the annual memberships.

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Are you a student? I know if your 先生 emails Koichiさん, he’ll give a coupon code that the whole class can use!


I am not a student of Japanese, in a class. I study Japanese on my own. Do I count as a 先生? xD

Thanks for the answer jada, I really appreciate it. Also, I’m glad to see that WaniKani actually offers discount to classes. That’s cool.


That’s probably because the first two levels can be done in about half the normal time. The minimum time to do all 60 levels is roughly one year.

I mailed them and asked and was given a 20% discount code. I’m not sure if I can pass it around though, but you can probably get one if you ask too. =)