WaniKani Coupon available?



I was wondering if there are any coupons that I could use because I want to continue refining my kanji knowledge. I have reached level 3! However, the subscription is quite expensive for my situation and a discount would be most welcome.

Also, is this couponbird site, that I have found randomly while searching for coupons, legit? Does anyone know if it works and how?

Thanks for your time fellow 鰐蟹人.

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There used to be a discount provided for Textfugu members, but being that they’re not accepting new memberships, I don’t think that’s a thing anymore

There’s usually a sale every Christmas on the lifetime membership and it goes from $299 --> $199, so if that’s something you think you’d want, you could do monthly/yearly and then anything left paid on your current subscription will go towards a further deduction on the sale price once the sale comes around again :crabigator:



There are no coupons. Maybe they’ll help you out if you email them. I have no idea if they do that kind of thing.

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The coupon is still a thing, renewed my subscription with it recently. But yeah, not an option if you’re not already a member. Though I’m not sure if it can’t be found somewhere on the internet. :zipper_mouth_face:



Shortly after I signed up for WaniKani, I got an email from them about getting a Monthly or Yearly membership for 50% off. Is this not a standard automated email?

I sat on it until I got to level 3 and finally used it after I decided I just needed to get to level 4. I’m hooked now.



You are late for Christmas sale offerings…

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No sale is offered currently, but once a year for Christmas/New Years there is a pretty good sale on WK memberships.
It’s very much worth it to get a lifetime during that sale imo.



I see.

No, I did not recieve an email with a 50% discount, unfortunately. That would be awesome. And no, I am not interested in the lifetime offer because I only want this as a push to go forward just this time. I think I am on a N3-N2 level (grammar) and I want to quickly do a revision of kanji readings (mostly). I believe that in about 3 months I will have finished all the levels, unless they become bigger in content as you level up. I am not sure though.

What about this couponbird site? Does anyone have heard of it? It’s the first I get when I google “wanikani coupons”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



This is not how WaniKani works.
The system has its own pace, and you can’t skip or make it faster.
I think the fastest you can go is a year.
If I understood correctly.



Maybe you are right. I have just multiplied my time leveling up by 60 and I concluded to that. It can be very inaccurate, that is true.



Also, that site doesn’t work for WaniKani. You’d have to search deeper than that. :stuck_out_tongue:
You can try the codes on your subscription page, if you find any.



Dark web here I come! xD

Seriously, I am going to search more, of course. I wanted to be sure though that there is nothing obvious I miss here. Thanks a lot for your answers Kazzeon.

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If you finish Level 3 and wait for a few months, the staff might email a 40% off discount code that you can use for Level 4 and onwards. That’s what they did for me.



I got a 50% off code just like iizziei a few days after I initially signed up. The email sort of reads like it was angled at people who didn’t buy a subscription during Christmas sales, though. I probably signed up just in time.

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I will be waiting for that mail then. :japanese_ogre:



Didn’t receive the 50% email though. Anyone have a subscription promo code to share, please? Considering the annual memberships.



Are you a student? I know if your 先生 emails Koichiさん, he’ll give a coupon code that the whole class can use!



I am not a student of Japanese, in a class. I study Japanese on my own. Do I count as a 先生? xD

Thanks for the answer jada, I really appreciate it. Also, I’m glad to see that WaniKani actually offers discount to classes. That’s cool.

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That’s probably because the first two levels can be done in about half the normal time. The minimum time to do all 60 levels is roughly one year.



I mailed them and asked and was given a 20% discount code. I’m not sure if I can pass it around though, but you can probably get one if you ask too. =)

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