Discount code

I really want to subscribe but the previous discount code has expired I think. Was that the only discount available?

there is usually a massive sale in the new year so maybe get a short subscription and then buy it then?

It was the only publicly abused one :sweat_smile:.

The code came from getting a Textfugu membership. I can log in right now and see the new code, so perhaps you can get it from signing up there. They have a great refund policy on Textfugu if it’s something that isn’t useful for you.

LOL, I just logged in to check it out, and sure enough, there it is :joy:.

Pretty funny, right?

pls spread the love

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Is the discount code 50% off? Might consider joining if it gets me a big discount with wanikani

I’m sorry, I cannot. The reason they changed the code is because it was being shared overzealously. They have it as a bonus for subscribers because they paid for Textfugu.

Yes. It says 50% off monthly or yearly.

There’s also a code for 50% off JapanesePod101 if that’s something that interests you.

Wow that’s amazing!! But once the year ends, does it continue with the 50% discount price? Also if you choose to discontinue with Tofugu, do you keep the 50% off?

Though for JPod, there is a 65% off code floating about.
Given their abhorrent marketing strategies, I do not feel bad at all that their code is basically as available as the Wikipedia page for “Wikipedia”.


Yes, and yes.

Im too poor to be able to afford wanikani at full price, probably should have gotten a year long subscription when the code still worked fuk me :c

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