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Hello! I’ve been on Wanikani since 2015, but took a big break after that. When I returned last year I could see a beta tester code on my account that I could apply for a 20% discount (with a duration of “forever”). I ended up using a different code for a 50% discount, but now I’m going to resubscribe for another year and the code I have been using has since expired.
The problem is as follows: I can’t find the beta tester code that was somewhere on my account page previously. It was something along the lines of “welovebetatesters”, but I tried typing in some iterations of that and it didn’t work. Is anybody else using this code? Does it even work? Would’ve been able to use it in the first place? Thanks in advance for your help.

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Ask the team lol

Since Wanikani is not in beta any more, it makes sense that the code doesn’t work.

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I’m pretty sure the code was supposed to be a permanent reward for early adopters. I could still see it last year.

I’ll try, but I have to make another payment the day after tomorrow and was hoping I could get an answer sooner this way.

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You can hit them up via the chat button on the dashboard if it’s visible, that way you can get an instant response.
(I cannot see it right now but I’m not sure whether that’s because of some scripts I have running that might hide it :flushed:)


Aside from the chat like @NicoleIsEnough mentioned, sending them an email is probably the easiest way. They’re usually pretty fast at replying, so you should get an answer soon.

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I didn’t know about that function! I found it under under Help → Chat with us. I’ll try and see how it goes.


They respond fast, like a couple minutes

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I still used it last year until I hit lvl 60 and it worked.

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I got a response! The code was “heart beta testers” and apparently it was active even without having to type anything in. My billing page showing the full price without any discounts appears to be an error. Thanks for suggesting to use the chat function.


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