Are there any subscription coupon available?

Hello! I just reached level 3 for Wanikani and I wanted to ask if there are any coupons available for a annual or monthly subscription. I’ve tried former codes but it did not work out. I hope y’all can help me!


You may have success reaching out to and making a case for a discount coupon, but your best bet is usually to get an annual subscription (if you can afford it) and then take advantage of the annual lifetime sale in December. If you have an annual subscription, you get the value of any remaining months subtracted from the lifetime purchase price and so that’s the way to get the best value for money, in general.

Oh and while I’m here…

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Take the time to check out the FAQ and GUIDE if you haven’t already.

There’s also a lot of good stuff on the forum to help you, like:

The Ultimate Guide for WK
The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resource List
The New and Improved List of API and Third-Party Apps

I hope your Japanese learning journey goes well and that you enjoy your time with us on the forums.


Thank you for the fast reply, I will do as you said! and thank you very much for welcoming me!


@Joeni Do they reply fast?

Fairly fast, in general. Be aware that they’re on West Coast US time, generally, so replies depend on the time of day in which you contact them and how busy they are ^-^


I don’t know if signed a contract to not say this, but in the E-Mail I received it in I found no confidentiality agreement: try “LEVEL4”.


@zEUs_Japanese You dropped this crown. Thank you very much!! How long is it available? Do you know this?


Well, I applied it to my first yearly subscription and saved 20$ off of that. Haven’t tried it for my second, but I imagine it’s only applicable once per user. So I’d recommend the yearly subscription to not waste it on a monthly.


Aight aight, you’re right I’ll do the same!

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So I done it if anybody’s interested haha, I am now subscribed for a year, I hope I’ll get far with this website y’all! Douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu (or something like this hahha).


Occassionally, there are discount codes mentioned on the Tofugu podcast, from the people who make WaniKani. A new one just dropped in the latest episode. Good on monthly or yearly subs


damn, should have waited a lil longer hahah I would have benefited from a bigger discount xD

looking back on my receipt, the $20 off yearly vs 25% off yearly were very close. pretty much same savings.

welcome aboard! good luck on your journey! :durtle:


Thank you, I appreciate that :smiley:

Oh boi, not sure what about the rest of WK staff but Arlo-san is one heck of a time beast, that’s for sure.
I think that 30 minutes is a blink of an eye in customer support world :wink:

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There’s also YOU from the most recent podcast episode :wink:


My mans :DDD thx yoo!

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Thank you so much!!


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