50% off coupon expired?

I was trying to use it because I’ve finally finished level 3 but it won’t let me use it! It was fine a few days ago… i should have bought it then… have i missed my chance forever, or is this a temporary bug?

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Those exists? Wish I got one…

Perhaps you’re using the old coupon? If you’re a TextFugu subscriber, then you can get the coupon from your TextFugu dashboard. Otherwise, the coupon isn’t for you.

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I haven’t heard of any new 50% off coupons ever…

There was a really old one from a few years ago, that was accidentally still working. People were passing it around. Sometime last year, Viet put a stop to it, as it shouldn’t have been passed around so much.

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It used to work, like it used to give me the discount… i’m talking like last week, maybe earlier. but now it says it’s invalid…

As I said, the 50% discount code is available from your TextFugu dashboard. If you aren’t a TextFugu subscriber, then you don’t get the coupon.

Assuming you’re typing it correctly (all caps) then it’s likely a bug edit:or they changed something. There was a post on the /r/learnjapanese subreddit a few days ago about the code being expired, and I think a Wanikani dev replied saying the code just got maxed out, so he’d make a new one. No idea on what happened besides that.

Thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/LearnJapanese/comments/6ydlzg/did_the_wanikani_50_off_code_expire/

Same here, I was just about to sign up too. Bummer.

Thanks! I guess I’ll wait it out a little then… sucks, but at least there’s some hope…

if nothing happens I guess I’ll try get a monthly until the end of year sale.

It does annoy me when people share the TextFugu code…

Makes me endlessly happy when people try using the old one and it doesn’t work :’)


For sure. I really wish that Tofugu would verify a TF Forever account before accepting the code. It’s not really right to advertise it as a bonus for TF Forever subscribers when they let anyone use it for free.



I mean, you’re not gonna stop people on the internet reddit. sharing it, but they could at least find a way to verify a TF account first. Or have unique codes for each account so they can tell who has been sharing it…

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no way to hook into textfugu like that, but in the future we’ll have something like that going on.


Have you guys thought about making unified Tofugu accounts that work with everything? Possibly with simpler multi-purchase discounts or full access subscriptions?


That would be awesome, though SSO implementation should be tricky

indeed we have, indeed we have :smirk:


What confuses me the most is how there was a similar thread made just this week and it either a) didn’t show up on that blue suggestion box when making the thread title or b) OP ignored it like everyone else -_-

Maybe it needs a flashing outline, like “HEY, LOOK, THIS EXACT THREAD WAS MADE AN HOUR AGO.”


TIL i’ve been exploiting tofugu ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Well, that’s one way to integrate WK with EtoEto if that is still a go for your plans.

(Lets ignore the fact I nearly wrote EroEro by accident.)


You knew exactly what you meant to write :smirk: