How to ask someone to correct your mistakes

I’ve seen a couple variations of this on HelloTalk. I’m writing these from memory, so they could be off.

  1. 誤りがあれば訂正してください。
  1. 間違いがあれば直してください。

Is there any difference between these two? The first one feels more formal, but otherwise I don’t have any guess about whether or not there are differences.
Also, do you guys have some variation of this that you prefer?

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@anon20839864 I can’t even figure out what you edited :expressionless:


I saw that, but I thought I put it there to begin with haha.

I think they both seem like normal level politeness. I normally say: もし間違いがあったら、直してください, but your sentences are fine as well :slight_smile:


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