Example sentences sometimes use the wrong word

I’ve just learned 散らかす (to scatter something), but the example sentence used 散らかる (to be scattered). This made me get the answer wrong twice before realising my mistake, and will likely make me get it wrong months later because I’ll remember that example sentence.
This has definitely happened before with other words too. Why even bother having example sentences if you’re not going to use the word in them?

It does use 散らかす. It just happens to also use 散らかる earlier in the sentence.

Give us examples that fit that description if you know of them though.

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So it does :cold_sweat:
I’ve looked through some vocab and couldn’t find any examples. I swear this has happened before but it might have just been the English translation not quite matching with the Japanese, similar to the 散らかす sentence.

I don’t know if this counts, but for 〜札 as a suffix, it says the kun’yomi should be used, but the example sentences all use stuff like 二千円札 where I thought it was read さつ, as suggested by the other vocab (千円札). This is kind of confusing because there are no furigana, so when you read the description for the suffix and then the sentences, you’d kind of assume it is read ふだ in that context.

That’s already been mentioned on the forum before and an update is scheduled IIRC.

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I see, thanks for the info :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.


The second example sentence for 変 (level 15) doesn’t use the vocab 変 at all

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This is not really urgent, that’s why I didn’t write an email to hello@wanikani.com

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Luckily someone did email in, so this was fixed probably in the exact minute you posted this. :wink:


Ah, so it’s fixed? :grinning:

It is on my end! I’m not 100% sure how long it takes for things in the admin to show for you guys. I think it depends on how recently you viewed the item or caching or something like that. But the sentence is this now:




I do see the correction now, thanks! (tbh, though, I usually don’t go back and check, just trust that things are fixed if you guys say they are :sweat_smile:)

Does the team usually prefer email or forum for these sorts of things? Sometimes I’m afraid I’m a bother…

Email is definitely preferred! (hello@wanikani.com)

And I want to be emailed about any error/typo/weirdness people see. There is SO much content on the site that it’s really easy for a little mistake to slip by and go unnoticed for years unless the people seeing it report it.

So please report things you see! I try to fix everything ASAP, but I can only fix something if I know it exists. And I super appreciate all the people who constantly send me the mistakes they find.


I just wish there was a form during reviews and on item pages for sending small errors like this. I’ve definitely seen errors that I haven’t reported because I didn’t feel like sending an email. :disappointed:

There’s a little pencil at the bottom right corner during Lessons and Reviews that will open a new tab to our contact form so you can report errors without stopping. On the main site the Contact link at the bottom will open that as well when you’re on item pages.


hello psodksaf

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Also, as a heads up, when you fill out the contact form it doesn’t tell us what page you were looking at, so please remember to include that in your report to make things a little easier on us. :wink:


Sounds like a useful feature to add. :slight_smile:


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