How to add third party apps?


Please excuse this incredibly stupid question, but can anyone explain to me how to add these third party apps to wani kani? I tried searching past forum topics but didn’t find any results 


While some third-party apps are independent add-ons for Chrome (most often) or other browsers, most are user scripts. For these you need an extension called Greasemonkey (if you have Firefox) or its equivalent Tampermonkey (if you have Chrome). These extensions allow you to install user scripts which have the ability to use and modify a webpage’s contents (so make sure you trust the scripts you install afterwards).
For Safari I use ScriptBlocker, which, oddly enough, allows you to add your own scripts.

Install the extension, then just visit the script’s page by clicking on the link in the forum post you want and the extension should pop up and ask you if you want to add this user script.

Hope it helps!