What are scripts and how do you use them?

I have seen lots of people talk about scripts, what are they, how do you use them and what do  you use them for? 

https://gyazo.com/990fd44d1a7433642312df2032d45960 The timeline and item progress are scripts. You can see the list of scripts for Wanikani in this thread /t/The-New-And-Improved-List-Of-API-and-Third-Party-Apps/7694/1.

The only thing you have to do is download the plugin for your browser so you can start using them. For Chrome, this is Tampermonkey. After you’ve installed the plugin in your browser, go to the list, select a script you think would add nicely for your convenience or study, install them by going to the provided link in the thread OP, and you’re good to go…

we also have a

Visual Guide on How To Install A Userscript

(which really should be made a sticky at some point)

You install them using a browser extension like Greasemonkey for Firefox or Tampermonkey for Chrome. After you install the extension, you’ll be able to use scripts. They run little bits of Javascript code that change how websites work. I only use two:

- Hoovard’s additional resources script

This script adds links to several external resources on every vocab page. Using something like ALC or Weblio is crucial in learning the nuance of different words and how they’re used, so this links directly between WK vocab and example sentences and additional definitions. It also shows stroke order on kanji pages.

- Rfindley’s reviews timeline

This one shows how many reviews you have coming up and when, when you’ll have items up for burning, etc. Mine looks wonky because I have 600 reviews waiting after traveling in Japan all last week, but there are better pictures in the thread. It’s a pretty awesome bit of coding and I suspect rfindley might be a wizard.

thanks everyone that is really helpful!