How often are you visiting WaniKani in a day?

It’s my browser’s homepage.


But where is the poll ?

For me I’d say 4/5 times a day.


Agreed with @Kai_973. At least once per day, but several small batches throughout the day is much easier if you can steal the time standing in line somewhere, on the train, waiting for a meeting to start, etc. It makes the difference between a couple hundred when you get home and a couple dozen.

The other problem with the once-per-day plan is the 4 and 8-hour reviews turn into 24(ish) hour reviews. Me, I miss a lot if I wait 24 hours instead of 4. Best case, you lose 2 days to level-up twice per (most) level(s). Worst case, you blow too many of the 4-hour reviews by waiting 24 hours and forgetting, then lose a whole other day taking 24 hours to do the 4-hour review over again. The small steps are important to getting it firmly in memory. (Well, I’ll speak for myself; it makes a difference in retention to me.)

I wish I had the predictable schedule to do lessons in the morning, 4-hour reviews just before lunch, then everything else late in the evening, but that never seems to work out consistently. But the more often I can do them at all, the closer I get to that.


I refresh the Wanikani page like 5+ times at least every day. xD I like doing reviews in small batches if I can, I usually just have one big batch after I come home from work then small batches through the afternoon/night.

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same. it will be one session, but will last 2-3 hours

I come by 2-3 times a day. Once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once in the evening. At this pace, I level up about once every 8-9 days (sometimes longer if I get a lot of things wrong, though!) On days that I level up, I spend extra time learning the new items, and might stop by after only a few hours to apprentice up the new items I’ve learned.

Each review session takes me about 10-20 minutes to get through, unless I’ve missed a day or have a bunch of ‘burn’ items queued up.

I highly recommend the Ultimate Timeline script, to help you know where the biggest chunks of reviews are gonna be and try to schedule around those! I tend to wait a few hours and just plan to do them all in 2-4 big chunks throughout the day, rather than as soon as they appear. It’s much more manageable for me this way!

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Once on average. Sometimes I come by a few times in a day, but then sometimes a couple of days will go by where I don’t come to WaniKani at all.

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If i’m sick (which is kind of often), 1-2 times a day. I do reviews morning & evening and I don’t do any lessons. Otherwise, its 4-7x a day.

I don’t like to do all my lessons or reviews in one sitting, so I alternate between reviews and lessons throughout the day. I’ve found I retain information better this way. I’m also subscribed to other japanese learning programs so I frequent other sites too.

And I definitely don’t do new lessons right before bed; I realized I forget everything I learned when I wake up. So I stop lessons a good 2 hours before I go to sleep.

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Once a day every day, specifically after lunch before I continue work. I know I’m low level though, and will probably have to batch this like all of you do later.

I do ~25 lessons every morning (if available) and do my reviews as they come up throughout the day.


Oh, man, if I’m home sick from work - all day long baby. Waiting for the hour to tick over with a laptop and hot cup of tea in bed. It’s not like I’m going to go do chores or errands anyway.


Mine too! I am checking and doing reviews whenever I have a minute.


Every time when I’m not busy (around every 2-3 hours or so), but when very busy, only at morning and night. I tend to stack my reviews to at least 30 or so, or else I’ll just let my WK tab open all day.

I try to get on as soon as reviews turn up, which means I’m on for a few minutes every 1-2 hours. At least I try to be, sometimes life gets in the way and multiple hours of reviews have to get done once I’m free. I keep my apprentice queue around 100, but also have a decent amount of burnables coming up these days, so reviews can stack up pretty quickly

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I’m on here quite often to do my reviews and to lurk around the forums haha

Was checking 2-3 times a day for a long time but I’ve somehow lost steam in the last 10 levels of this journey so I’ve been only really checking once a day and not even then, which is not great (but also trying to rearrange my schedule is hard). I’ve also been extremely lazy on the lessons recently.

TBH even though I’m in the tail end and I’ve burned so many items I feel like I must’ve just gone and forgotten a bunch of things in the earlier levels and there’s probably still kanji that look extremely similar (off by 1 radical) that I might not be able to properly distinguish because I burned one before I met the other, or something like that. Dunno what I’m going to do when I burn everything. Restarting seems like I’d fall into the same pitfalls? Kind of wish they had an option to test yourself with what you’ve burned and if you mess up it gets added back to your reviews.

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Install self study quiz and do burn reviews?

Seems to me like the general consensus is on average 2+ visits a day. I guess I agree, but I have been smashing big blocks once a day pretty often. Since I’m only level 3 I believe this is why I’m getting away with it. Definitely going to start breaking it up, and mostly saving lessons for the mornings, and bigger reviews for the evening.

Happy cake day!

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If you don’t do reviews up where I am, this is what you get (cumulative). (I scrolled down to 19:00 today, it’s 11:57 right now)