How long do you spend on WaniKani each day?

Pretty much the title. I’m finding that the time I’m spending on WaniKani, combined with school and other Japanese resources, isn’t leaving me an awful lot of time to practise my other hobbies. I don’t know if I’m overworking myself with the Japanese but I enjoy it and want to move to Japan one day, so honestly it’s necessary. I just can’t find much time to do anything else. I don’t know what I’m going to do when exam time come; I’ll just have to make it work

I just want to see how much time people spend on it as they get higher up the levels so I know what to expect. Thank you!


Wanikani… hmmm, half an hour, give or take (this for the reviews. Didn’t count how long I spend on the forums =P)

But ‘immersing’ myself in Japanese… I would say around 2 hours a day in total (WK + online reading/anime/etc…)
1 hour as soon as I wake up, and 1 hour just before going to sleep.

I’m also very busy with other stuff, and this keep me nicely balanced with everything else :smiley:


Keeping up with reviews and doing 20ish lessons a day (sometimes less) is maybe an hour a day for me. My reviews are somewhere around 150 or so per day. Tomorrow is 182. :cold_sweat:

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Probably about 10-15 minutes, but I’m only level 5 so…

Don’t overwork yourself :slight_smile: Better to get there later than burn yourself out early.


I literally come to WaniKani only when I have to practise. I complete sessions, go through new kanji and wait for another round :smiley:
But I’m very, very upset when I accidently mess up a meaning or reading of a word… I just write reading when I’m supposed to write meaning… And that cost me progress to another level tomorrow. I’ll have it probably on Friday because of that :confused: Which is bad, because I will have to review only 1-3 words and I’ll have nothing more to do.

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Probably total time at least an hour, but I am VERY slow compared to most and tend to get around only 70% correct on average so I constantly have a lot of recycle.


Just counting reviews and lessons, probably between 30 minutes and an hour depending on the day.

Now if we start adding the half hour I spend on the forum after every review session…


Depends on the day.

Today I will have completed 250 reviews or about that. I would say that is about 120-150 minutes.

Normally it is 20 minutes in the morning, 20 at noon, and in the evening a collected total of another 20 I think so normally an hour.

I have been trying to learn Japanese properly for 20 years now and I am sticking to WK where otherwise I would have fallen off by now. And I intend to hit level 60 by end of 2021 and everything burned 2022 sometime. I level up every 8-10 days and want to keep this crazy pace.

I understand a lot of spoken Japanese which helps when you know the reading when you see it.

When it comes to other immersion, depends on the day. I am married and my wife is not an Anime fan so I don’t get as much time doing that as I might like.

I spend another 20-60 minutes reading. Currently it is the Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Course Graded Reader. It isn’t all that engaging but I am trying to build confidence and practice so that when I hit level 20-25 I can maybe brave picking up a Manga or light novel (light novel is probably stretching it at this point but I may try!).


Two to three hours on average. Sometimes four hours; sometimes one hour. Maybe 15-30 minutes on Bunpro. I’ve got a 51-year-old brain, so I need to read these mnemonics carefully in order for them to stick. The better-written ones are easiest to absorb. Some of the more abstract/less-inspired mnemonics (few, thankfully) take me extra time because I either have to rewrite the mnemonic on the fly to make it work for me or just need to read more slowly and hope for the best I’ll remember it for the next review.


hi APerson962, I also go pretty slow. I live and work in Japan and I have a young family so there is not much time to study. I have been at it for 2 years and I am still only level 20. My routine is like this: I study every WEEKday for 1h (30minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at lunchbreak). During that time I learn 9 new items and do all my reviews. I tried studying more items a day, but it was just too much for me to remember. At this pace I go about 10 levels (400kanji/1200words) a year. I am proud and pleased with this speed. It is important to set your own pace and not compare too much with others. Sometimes I get demotivated seeing someone on the forum saying they finished it all in 1 year. But then I remind myself not to measure ‘me’ using other people’s measuring stick. I want that learning Japanese is a fun and positive thing in my life and not a source of stress and unhappiness.


As someone in their senior year and playing sports, I don’t have much time. Though, it’s taking me a while and im pretty new at WaniKani, i find myself doing reviews and lessons throughout the day because they only take a few minutes. It does take me an hour If i want to sit down properly, take notes and do all the reviews. I don’t let my reviews and lessons build up though, so I don’t find myself having no time to do everything.

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It ranges quite a bit, from 30 mins some days to 2 hours on others, but it averages at a bit over an hour. I also try to spend a few hours on KameSame and Anki for vocab and grammar every day as well (although I’ve been slacking a bit recently).

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Roughly an hour, spaced throughout the day. A little in the morning, at lunch time, and more in the evening after I get home from work. Every time my review notification pops up I’m like “Oh boy that’s a lot O.O” with only a tiny bit of dread, but mostly excitement.


It depends on what strategy I’m using. If I’m reviewing for the purpose of reading at a natural speed, I spend 30s or less on each card. If I’m reviewing for the sake of reviewing itself, I spend a little more time and allow myself to think if I can’t recall the answer immediately. Before my current slump, I think I used to do more than 200 reviews a day.


Hard to tell - roughly half an hour in total?

I do pending reviews from day before when I get up (around 6-ish am) which is usually around 10 items and takes less than 5 minutes. I do new lessons (7 items) in the morning around 8-ish which takes about 5-10 minutes and then every hour I try to do this couple of new items with usually takes 1-3 minutes (nice break from other stuff and also doesn’t overwhelm me with dozens/hundreds of review items).

But I have veeeeeeery leisure approach to WK ^__^"

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For me, I usually spend around 15 minutes in the morning, midday, and at night doing reviews. Plus when I’m doing new lessons, it’s probably like another 15 minutes. So, I guess all up, like an hour total? Not entirely sure tho :sweat_smile:

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Depends on how many reviews I’ve got, but 100 items usually take me about more or less 15 mins? Had a little more than 200 today, but h e c c, I was alot slower than usual (smth like 40 mins) ;-;


90% Forums
9% Scripting
1% Reviews


like an hour and a half a day? 200-250 reviews a day with 10-15 lessons… so tired…must…continue…crabigator… kou…


It varies. Sometimes i have a shit ton of reviews piling up and sometimes i have much less. On average though maybe an hour to an hour and a half with reviews and lessons if i have any

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