How often do you WK?

Hey guys, I’m new here. Like, super new. And really confused and simultaneously excited about WK. I did Japanese on Duolingo for a few months and after finishing the skill tree I felt like continuing my studies on WK. Now I’m a little confused, because Duolingo makes a huuuugeee deal about studying EVERY SINGLE DAY. But here I don’t see that same sentiment. So how do you guys do it? Do you make sure to make time for WK every single day with no breaks until you’re done? Or do you just do it when you remember it?


Every waking minute

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edit3: I actually have a lot of free time throughout the day (I made bad schedule choices this term) and I am on here a lot. Minimum of 6 max of ~24

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You worship the crabigator everyday. Or suffer it’s wrath.

Welcome to Wanikani (like nightvale, but more bizarre)

Edit: On a bit more serious note, as MissMisc points out below, you’ll start slow but things pick up. It’s addictive though, so you keep coming back. Especially since you start seeing results and being able to read kanji out in the wild.


I recommend reading the FAQ and Guide to get a feel for how this site works

Basically, first you’ll do lessons to learn new radicals, and once you “guru” them (which means you get them correct 4 times in a row at different time intervals), you’ll unlock new kanji lessons, and once you “guru” those, you’ll unlock vocab items that they’re in

Each level has a certain amount of radicals/kanji to guru, and once you guru 90% of them, you level up! Then you unlock new radical and kanji and vocab lessons and the process continues to repeat itself until level 60

So basically I do lessons and reviews and zero out my queues whenever I can throughout the day :slightly_smiling_face:


Usually once a day

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I at least get on here twice a day, but often I try to do my reviews as soon as they pop up, because I prefer to do them in small batches. I did over a hundred of my vocab lessons all at once that I had backlogged when I leveled up, and if I don’t catch those reviews now when they’re due then they pile up really quick.
Also, the community forums are kind of addicting, so there’s that. It’s more motivation to get on here, and if I see I have reviews then I do them, and if there are lessons to do, I do a small batch of them, which generates more reviews… yeah, it’s kind of addicting :rofl::sweat_smile::see_no_evil:


Every daaay.

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Aaah, I did read those yesterday. But if it said this there, I definitely missed it. So thanks for the explanation. I was confused to see there was nothing to review when I loged on today. Glad that I could do it anyway though.

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I have a session first thing in the morning for doing all the reviews that accumulated from 12 AM - 8 AM before doing 20 or so lessons. Because of that, I come back in a few hours to do the new vocab items that I did in the morning.

Sometimes I’ll remember to do the 2nd iteration of those reviews(as well as any others waiting in between) late at night around 10 or 11 or so, depending on when I did those first reviews.

So, usually 2 or 3 times per day.

The only time I’m not doing WK is when I’ sleeping, and even then I’m dreaming about doing WK


Honestly, a lot. Everyday, multiple times a day, both for reviews/lessons as well as frolicking around the forums.


It definitely picks up. You’ll feel bored in the beginning, but it gets more and more. I finally started getting burns and my review queue has been so full I’ve had to slow down my new lessons now that I’m in the 20’s. I basically have at least a few review items every hour, about 150-200 per day, so if you don’t do that every day, it will seem like an insurmountable number after a few days. I also try to do them several times a day because it’s a bit daunting to do 150 at once.

Also, when you get new Apprentice items, it’s better to catch them at the early intervals since they’re designed to present right before you forget them. If you wait until the next day your accuracy will drop on those new items.

At least twice a day by default, usually more, very rarely less.

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I never stop.

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Welcome Monatry! :slight_smile:
I’ve been an active member for about a month and I review about 4 to 5 times a day. I made a couple of mistakes along the way so there are a few words to review every now and then (which I don’t mind, it’s fun!).

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@Monatry , I think the idea you should understand first is that WaniKani is able to teach you 2000+ kanji, which Japanese natives take at least 9 years to learn. Here, you can do it in 2 years if you’re committed. Some of us did it/will do it in 1 year and a few months.

However, to obtain such benefits, you need to be dedicated and come here everyday. This will allow you to have a healthy journey with learning Kanji.

Personally, I stopped checking FB every 5 to 10 minutes and easily found time for WaniKani. Try to find your own way if time is a restriction :slight_smile:


Every day.

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I do wk twice a day, for about an hour and a half each time.

I do it a third time, if i have spare time, like every saturday. As much as that is, I’m having trouble keeping my review numbers down lately (which is why the levels i am in are called painful)

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Definitely multiple times every day as well. Gotten to the point where I feel weird not having a Wanikani tab open…

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Why do people make a bigger deal about studying every day on Duolingo than they do here? My guess is that it’s because with Duolingo, it’s quite possible to study once a week and still make progress, even if you make it slowly.

With Wankani, if you want to make progress, it is really a problem to miss more than the occasional day. (Once you’re beyond the first few levels, that is.)

So WK users don’t need to encourage each other to study every day. Those who aren’t willing to study pretty close to daily probably don’t last on the program.

What do I do? So far, I’m so addicted to this that I usually do my studies every hour through the day when they come up, when my schedule permits. On the other hand, it’s a good feeling to let them pile up for a few hours, so that I have a nice big stack. (Big for level 6, that is! I know my stacks will get higher.)

You don’t need to study that often, but as someone else mentioned above, I really enjoy the first-day schedule with new items: the initial learning, the 4-hour interval, and then the 8-hour interval. I think that really makes a difference in how quickly I learn new items.

I’ve been wondering when my enthusiasm for WK will wane, but I have fallen in love with kanji and am seeing real improvement in my ability to understand written Japanese.