How often are you visiting WaniKani in a day?

For instance is it once a day at night, twice a day, or multiple times a day.
I’m curious what kind of schedule and strategy most implement!


All day every day!

Well, not quite, but I’m constantly doing small batches of reviews through the day because I can’t concentrate long enough to do them all in one sitting. It’s replaced Pokemon Go for me when I’m outside, and I frequently get a couple of minutes to spare during work most days. If I’m binge watching a show, then 10-20 reviews between each episode is enough to keep on top of things.

I don’t think once a day is enough for the SRS to work properly, it would probably be pretty challenging! I think three times a day is the minimum, and once every four hours would be good to aim for.


I check in around 2-5 times a day. Varies a lot by day. I prefer to do batches of maybe 20-30 reviews to monster 200+ blocks once a day.


I’m on the site at least 4x a day, if not more, every day. I may not do lessons everyday, but the number one key piece of advice that basically EVERYONE can agree on is to do reviews everyday. That’s like a non-negotiable if you want to keep your workload “manageable” as defined by your individual time and abilities. I happen to do my lessons and first set of reviews around breakfast, and then log on again as needed when my next set of reviews are available. Generally, I am done by bedtime.

All of which is to say, you find yourself building WK into your everyday routine!

A lot of time spent also depends on how you batch your lessons, and if you spread lessons out throughout the day… I would not suggest only logging on once a day though, especially for the higher levels when the number of vocabulary increases… If you can spare at least 3x/day you should be able to manage ok.

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When I log on only once in a day, my reviews always suffer. I’d say 2 times is the bare minimum to be effective for me (once in the morning, once at night).


Three times a day. Seven days a week. Twenty eight to twenty nine to thirty to thirty one days a month. Twelve months a year.


I’m on WK multiple times a day. I’m always checking when my next review is. When I’m not doing reviews, I’m usually studying with my Genki workbook and textbook.

I get on WaniKani when I get home from work and I keep it open until I go to bed.


I visit wanikani when I wake up and when I go to sleep, when I go out and when I weep. Doesn’t matter the time, Wanikani is there for me.


On a 13.5 hour flight to Japan heavy anxiety kicked in!


WaniKani is the first thing I do every morning with coffee. I smash out the reviews. On Mondays and Thursdays I’ll follow this up by knocking over half my lessons at once (the next lot of Kanji and associated vocab). Truth be told I desperately need to find a way to get in another lot of reviews so it’s not such a slog the day after my lessons.

That’d be a lot easier if I could stand using my phone for it, unfortunately if it’s not on a PC I won’t use WK

I’d say that ideally, it should be a minimum of twice per day, because with only one review session per day, missing any reviews at all can get overwhelming very quickly. Besides, the more visits you make per day, the shorter each visit can be :wink:

(I currently have about ~60 reviews per day, which I’ve been doing in batches of about ~10 lately.)


0700 - 11 lessons and all (but usually very few) available reviews
1100 - all available reviews
1500 - (recently added session) all (but usually very few) available reviews
1900 - all available reviews (largest batch w 60-80 items)

Every. single. day.


everyday, lost count but maybe 4-5 times?? i can’t stand pending reviews reeeeeee


I’m here constantly


It’s my browser’s homepage.


But where is the poll ?

For me I’d say 4/5 times a day.


Agreed with @Kai_973. At least once per day, but several small batches throughout the day is much easier if you can steal the time standing in line somewhere, on the train, waiting for a meeting to start, etc. It makes the difference between a couple hundred when you get home and a couple dozen.

The other problem with the once-per-day plan is the 4 and 8-hour reviews turn into 24(ish) hour reviews. Me, I miss a lot if I wait 24 hours instead of 4. Best case, you lose 2 days to level-up twice per (most) level(s). Worst case, you blow too many of the 4-hour reviews by waiting 24 hours and forgetting, then lose a whole other day taking 24 hours to do the 4-hour review over again. The small steps are important to getting it firmly in memory. (Well, I’ll speak for myself; it makes a difference in retention to me.)

I wish I had the predictable schedule to do lessons in the morning, 4-hour reviews just before lunch, then everything else late in the evening, but that never seems to work out consistently. But the more often I can do them at all, the closer I get to that.


I refresh the Wanikani page like 5+ times at least every day. xD I like doing reviews in small batches if I can, I usually just have one big batch after I come home from work then small batches through the afternoon/night.

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same. it will be one session, but will last 2-3 hours