How much have you advanced in one year?

Hey in order to know if it’s better to buy the monthly or yearly subscription, I’d like to know how fast do users advance through the levels. I really don’t believe “the 2000 Kanji in over a year” ratio. I’m guessing it’s more close to 2.5 years to reach that number

In one year I went from level 3 to 19, studying everyday for 40 minutes (even weekends) Usually my correct percentage is 80-85% correct. How about the rest of you?


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Apparently I’ve been on Wanikani for 198 days and I’m on level 29 :slight_smile:
It’s not really possible to tell what you should pay with others’ statistics because everyone advances and learns at different times. In my opinion for you the yearly subscription would work best though (And that’s what I’m going to be switching to soon!) :smile:


Tomorrow will mark my third month here, and I’m currently level 8. Leveling up is 2 days away and I’ve spent 2 weeks on hiatus due to holiday.
Extrapolating with the current progress would be: ~9 levels in 3 months => ~36 levels in 1 year, though I’d say that’s far too optimistic :slight_smile:

My review strategy is to review in small chunks, mostly while traveling and breaks during work.
Level up chart:


Here’s my level-up chart:

Total accuracy: about 97% (but I think it’s been getting lower lately)

It took me about 1 year to get to level 10 with a long break in my subscription. For the first 6 levels I was on a monthly sub. Then I got a yearly sub last November and bought lifetime when it was on sale the next month. My goal now is to reach level 35 sometime next August. (That would be 25 levels in about 1.5 years).

My study habits have varied, but currently I’m using WK 3x/day. At each study session, I first clear out my reviews, then do a batch of 6 lessons if my apprentice count is less than 50.


263 days, level 9. Every story is different. I took a long break around April-June because of uni deadlines, work-placement over the summer, and a summer job after that. Like everybody has said, your progress is what you make it and you determine if it’s worth it for you.


Here’s my chart:

I’ve advance about 15 levels in the past year it seems. Note that there are obvious times that I took a lot of time off, which is why I ended up going life cuz I knew that school/work/life would cause those kinds of breaks for me.

But others have basically pushed through at max speed pretty much all the way. The lifetime has been worth it for me, but everyone is different, so think carefully about what’s best for you! Good luck!


I have been here since July 5th (163), level 20. I do WaniKani’s reviews whenever I have more than 10 minutes of interval (in the bus, between classes). I really don’t know if the percentage of correct items people report is the one displayed during the review or the one at the end (which is lower) of the review. Every person is different and has his/her own pace. I am waiting for the end of year sale to buy lifetime. Since even if I reach 60 in less than two years, I still will have to burn lots of items. I can’t see why financially would ever be optimal to go on monthly.


left part: 2015
right part: 2018

i had a 3 year break


Sorry for the off-topic post. I saw you are in NC. I’m in Durham and work at UNC. Are you also in the Triangle?

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I had a heart attack for a second there :joy: I thought you said “I saw you in NC” and my mind just went AAAAAAAAAAAA (Sorry I’m a nervous mess with people)

I looked up Durham and it doesn’t look like we’re close I live near the coast. :sweat:

I still have UNC written down in a list of colleges I might attend so we may see each other without realizing it one day :eyes:


Level 15 in 100 days.

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do you plan to do this for more than 3 years? that would be the only reason to get a lifetime subscription

my wkstats says i’ll hit 60 roughly this time next year or early 2020 and burn everything conservatively by the end of 2020. that’s why i went with a 1 year.

this is my graph fwiw

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not really. i’ll need roughly 6-8 more months to finish leveling to 60, then 6 more to burn everything. i’ll batch-unburn levels and go through wk again, starting at lvl 11 or so. no normal leveling process, just trying to find possible leeches,
i plan to stick around for at least 2 more years, and in that time, i assume there will be content updates, too.

lifetime is worth it if you’re really serious and think of wk as your main tool… and i’m finished with everything, the kanji are my last project.

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It says 320 days but in reality I signed up, did a couple of lessons, didn’t really get it or want to commit and came back to it after a couple of weeks which is why level 1 is so ridiculous. I like wk, it’s been easy to systematically approach and slots nicely into the gaps I get throughout my work day. I’ll probably get lifetime when it goes on special so I have access if they ever add more content.

I’m a slowpoke and I don’t mind, doing this at a steady pace gives me plenty of time to work on grammar and I’ve fallen into a comfortable rhythm where I’d level up sooner if I got through my vocab to get to new level radicals sooner, but I’m fine with not. I tend to do all new radicals on the tail end set of my vocab, all new kanji on the following 2 days, finish up vocab in time to guru the radicals, do the new kanji then I do the vocab in sets of 20-40 and this rhythm has been really consistent for me.

I like wanikani, it’s been surprisingly easy to stick with for me.

Edit: can I show off my accuracy again? :stuck_out_tongue:



2000 kanji can be done in 1 year, i think… if you do it during during your free time everyday, like upon waking up, lunch break, and before sleeping… ehhehe maybe…

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UNC-CH has a good Japanese department (I’m in Economics though). Yuko Kato sensei from the Japanese dept. is a very nice person to reach out if you have questions about them. UNC also has an anime club, COUP (Carolina Otaku Uprising) that I think is going for more than 20 years (I used to join their meetings 17 years ago but stopped). Again sorry for the off-topic post, I will stop here.

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This is my current progress after just about one year (I created this account in December last year but didn’t technically start until the following February/March as I didn’t originally understand WK’s system at first). I’ve had a few months of inactivity over the past year and I haven’t progressed as fast as I’d have liked, but even so the progress I’ve made to understand the 652 kanji I currently know has been amazing. My first trip to Japan a few weeks ago was a great source of inspiration to continue. Hopefully I’ll pick up the pace for 2019. I’ll likely end up getting the lifetime subscription when it goes on sale this year.

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Where do you go to get those progress charts?

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I’m almost nine months in, had a total of 6 weeks in there where I did 0 wanikani and I’m at level 24 right now.

Combined with grammar self-study, I can read the low level graded readers quite easily and am playing through my first JP visual novel (but one I played before in English).

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I’ve been here for a 13 months, started studying Japanese maybe 2-3 months before joining WK.

  • Took JLPT N3 few weeks ago for the first time
  • got to level 38
  • finished 3 and a half Japanese textbooks. (essentially cover to cover; didn’t skip any vocal sections, cultural notes, etc.)

I think I’ve been studying quite effectively to have been studying a little over a year. We’ll see for sure if it ends up that I passed this N3 test.