How much have you advanced in one year?

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Here’s mine:



It definitely is possible. I think the fastest progress that I’ve seen yet was @lopicake who basically did it in less than a year.

However, as others have said, better don’t try to compare your progress speed to others’. Considering that you’ve created a thread “I’m not renewing WaniKani” just a few hours before this one, it seems that you are unsure if you even want to do WaniKani in one go or take several breaks. I personally think the lifetime subscription would be the best in this case (there should be starting a sale next week which most likely reduces the cost of lifetime to 199$).

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Which textbooks?

Took me about 219 days to reach to this point.


I got to level 30 in 1 year


I started on new year’s eve last year, and I’m now on level 44. Mostly I complete levels in 7 days, but from late October until this week, I took a break for vacations and JLPT, so it took 45 days to complete the last level.

I paid for a one year subscription, and I’ll do one more. I love this program, but I want to be finished with this phase of my Japanese education in a year’s time, and move on to reading and listening to more challenging material.


I got to 60 in a little less than one and a half years. It’s definitely possible. I started at the end of 2016 and finished in early 2018.


Lvl 14 in 168 days … but I stuck 40 days in one level… so i guess i could have been lvl 18 or 19 in roughly a half year…

It’s certainly doable. People have done it. Only on L9 so this is a major extrapolation but at the moment I’d be on track for L47 at the one year mark. We’ll see how sustainable that winds up being.

I think a lot depends on your schedule. With a full time job, but making time in the morning, around lunch, and in the evening every day, an ~8 day per level pace has been achievable.

You honestly may get a lot more value out of a subscription by using some 3rd party user scripts and keeping tabs on when big batches of reviews are going to crop up. I try to be mindful of that. If I was “late” on reviews by just 7 hours a day (the difference between doing them before bed vs. in the morning when I wake up) it would tack on like half a year to my projected completion date.

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A year ago I was level 34, so I’ve advanced 19 levels.


I got through 20 levels of WK (levels 20-40) in 2018. I slowed way down over the last few months to balance kanji with other aspects of Japanese.

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One year ago, I was level 1.
So, 59 levels in one year :woman_shrugging:
It was brutal in terms of workload, though, so not recommended if you plan to do anything else (grammar, reading, hobbies, …) at the same time.


The levels dont actually get any harder FYI (so long as you pace yourself on fast levels), so how long it took you to do your first levels on average will prolly be how long it takes you to do the later levels on average. The only thing that would change is whatcha got going on in your life. All this assuming you put the same amount of time in per day.


The one year mark will be early-mid jan for me. I should be about level 45 then going based on current speed.

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I stared around early February of this year, and I’ve been using WaniKani almost one hour everyday.

However since I got sick really badly twice during the year and due to work traveling, I lost almost around two months of progress. I’m strongly considering the lifetime sale, since I do feel I’ve learned a lot.


Genki I & II, and (英文版) 状況別の日本語会話表現集. – I did this last one with a Japanese Native friend, it’s mostly listening/dialogue practice and its tough. Couldn’t have done it on my own tbh. The other 2 were solo study.

Halfway through Tobira right now


Well that’s weird. I’ve finished first level in 20 days but I see some people doing that in 3 days. Wanikani wasn’t even letting me do that much reviews, I mean I review/lesson 2 times per day, how many times you need to use wanikani in a day to level up in like 3 days? I won’t rush it, I’m just curious. Is 2 times too low?

Two times is fine, so is once a day, although if you can do three there aren’t really any reasons not to. I did both level 1 & 2 in exactly 5 days and 0 hours each (not as fast as 3 days, but then my accuracy is like 75% lmao), probably because I had time to just review as soon one came up.

I don’t have access to all data available about user’s speed.

But because I stalk have been reading some posts until now I can tell you that finishing WK in about a year is perfectly doable, but incredibly demanding.

You have my inspirations: @jprspereira, @Naphthalene, @lopicake, @jbradleyc, @xyzbuster, @Unscef1, @sirati97, @Powerpuncher. @heisamaniac, @RysingDragon

there, since you can only tag 10 people I tagged 10 people i can remember that finished (or are about to finish) WK in about a year, meaning that there are more people around, so this can be done.

If this is something recommended to do… that I leave it for another occasion