1 Year of WK

So I about 4~5 years ago I got up to level 10. Life happened and I unsubbed. Just moved to Japan so now I bought a year’s worth. The problem was that level 10 was way too hard. I found level 5 was a good starting point. So I deleted my progress up to 5.
GLAD TO BE BACK! Seriously. Missed it.
But I’m wondering, how much damage can I do/level can I reach in one year assuming that my average review session is 85%? What do you guys think!?


It depends on how many lessons you do every day, and how those 85% are distributed. Assuming an optimized lesson distribution, you could level up every 8 or 9 days with that percentage.
Going for a more pessimistic number (10-12 days per level for normal levels) you should be able to do 30-36 levels in one year, putting you at level 35-41.
A slightly faster progression (8-9 for normal levels and 4-5 days for fast levels) could see you all the way to level 50-60 in one year.


You could be level 5 or level 60 depending on which 15% you get wrong. :slight_smile:


Specific, thanks! Is there a way to force the next lesson or do you think it’s better to just let WK do it’s thing.

Haha that’s true. There’s always that one kanji that won’t stay in my head. :slight_smile:

That’s up to you and how much time you have available.
I think you can be close to maximum speed with 20 lessons a day, as long as you use the reorder script to prioritize radicals and kanji.
That being said, be careful not to fall behind on vocab (at 20 lessons every day it shouldn’ happen on the normal levels, but it can be a thing for fast levels).

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You can’t force lessons to appear, but you can optimize your lessons with scripts to prioritize lessons that are important for leveling up (radicals and kanji) while still mixing in the vocab items. I recommend this one (probably not surprising why).


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