How many ways can you spell "Japan"?


Our building was recently “refit” with new decorations, etc., and Japan was the theme. My Japanese isn’t much beyond novice, but something jumped out at me. Anyone else see it?



They’ve rendered the English word ‘Japan’ into hiragana and katakana badly? This is all kinds of confusing. Like what’s done with English in Japan in the name of advertisement, except the other way round. At least the middle one is correct.


ジャパン is not wrong, either


The katakana version is used now and then, presumably for style.

Sometimes you see ジパング for references to older or fictional things.


Fair enough. Is the hiragana one used though? Can’t seem to find anything on that one.


how about ジャぱん? as in the anime and manga 焼きたて!! ジャぱん.


Is it the total bullshit someone’s spewed across the bottom two-thirds of the page?


I really can’t understand where they got じあっぱ from though?
If they were copying it from somewhere you’d think it’d be にっぽん or にほん


I’m not really familiar with 焼きたてジャぱん, but I’d guess than ぱん is only written in Hiragana to emphasize that it’s a pun on ジャパン (Japan) and パン (Bread), and for the extra visual dynamic it brings to the title. I doubt anyone would actually write the name of the country that way.

にほん、にっぽん、and ジャパン are by far the most common and the only ones I would worry about knowing unless you start getting into more historical settings. There is a Wikipedia page about those, if you’re curious:


I was actually relooking at that page, since it reminded me of it. Historic names of Japan makes me wanna squeal as a kancolle player. Also if you put じあっぱ or じあっぱとは into google you don’t get anything either besides some residences in 南青山. So my assumption is someone typo’d or made up something.


"harmonious palette of textures, colors and materiality that will serve as the source for the rich tapestry"
what drivel lmao


I think my favourite part is the implied connection between the four main islands of Japan and the four walls of the building. I was inspired in a similar way once to make a table with four legs - the tabletop linking the four legs together represented the traditional arts of Japan and respect for nature, just as those things link the people who live on those islands.


you’re the creator of the world’s first jiappa table :wink:


My four limbs actually represent the four islands!


And your head is Ameterasu Oomikami looking down peacefully on those enigmatic isles.


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