Total beginner here, how should I use Anki?

Hi everyone, a couple of months ago, I started learning Japanese but dropped it two or three weeks after as I was losing motivation due to my exams, lately I’ve been eaten up by guilt as learning Japanese was one of my life goals and I felt very bad dropping out so quickly, so a few days ago I restarted learning Japanese, I’ve been mainly focusing on Hiragana and Katakana which I think I’m pretty ok with now (there is only a couple of them I struggle to recognize sometimes) but I now want to get back to vocabulary, after resetting my WaniKani to start over I also wanted to practice with Anki which I previously used by putting all the vocals from the textbook I used (it’s a french textbook btw), however, since I basically forgot most of the vocabs I learned I didn’t bother going through it again and instead download the “Japanese Core 2000 Step 01”, however I don’t really know how I should get through it, is there any recommended settings ? How many cards should I go through each day ? And overall how does the deck work ? I’m quite struggling to understand it the previous deck was mine so I knew how it worked and how I wanted to use it (I basically made it so the word would either appear in french or in kana (I hadn’t reached the kanji part of the textbook yet) and I had to type it in the other language). Sorry if this question seems dumb but I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do or even remember when using this deck, the way it’s pronounced, the kanji writing, the differents ways it’s used ?

Thanks in advance !

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Probably the simplest would be to download the app for your platform from the Anki website and dig into the Settings. There is no gold standard for the SRS intervals, number of flashcards per day, etc. so that’s something you have to work out yourself.

Alternatively, download one of the Core or Tango decks from the Internet and run with the defaults they have set up. :slight_smile:

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A while ago I used 10 new, 50 review; but also increase by this batch, until I am tired.

Another settings worth mentioning for me, is an additional 1 hour interval. My current settings is “1min 10min 1h”.

I also Reset Schedule if I can’t remember the review card, as it never falls shorter than 1 day. If the card asks whether it will repeat in 1 day, but might simply reset the schedule. Note that this is easier in AnkiDroid than in Anki Desktop.

One more settings is Leech Threshold. Lowering it may have some benefit.

I saw an article on the internet somewhere having a different idea. It is opinionated after all. comes with a decent SRS settings (but that’s not Anki and less customizable). Also, rather than giving some new cards everyday, clearing some backlog is required first.

Review first, rather than new cards immediately, or even everyday. This is practically the same idea I would suggest to apply to WaniKani. But WaniKani has two buttons, while and Anki only have one.