Daily Progression from Level 8 onwards

Hey guys,
I was wondering, how many new words per day do you learn? On avarage?

I do around 10, instead of just doing all 40 or 50 that come newly.
It also depends how easy they are, though usually the new Kanji with the Onyomi readings are harder for me to learn than the radicals or the vocab.


5 a day for me. Tried 10 for a while. It was too much. And, Welcome :smile:



First 10-20ish levels: between 10 and 20 a day as I recall. Levels 20 to 40ish: 18-24 a day (lesson batch size of six). During fast levels: 40 a day.

The 10-20 I did in one go in the morning. For everything else I did a batch in the morning, and a batch in the evening. The evening batch timed so that I can hit the +4h review mark before bed and hit the +8h when I do morning reviews, for optimal retention.


If there are new radicals, I do all of those. Otherwise, I tend to do 20-30 new lessons a day, where 5-10 of those are kanji if available (I use a filter script) and the rest are vocab - fewer of the last on days where vocab have less obvious meanings or are somewhat overlapping/confusing. Generally shooting to make it through a lesson stack by the time the next stack arrives! It’s been manageable so far, but I’m still at the stage where a decent percentage of the kanji are familiar to me from previous classes/exposure, and I currently have the 20-30 minutes or so per day I need to do the above.

The Master->Enlightened wave is on the horizon, though, so we’ll see how well I survive my self-made review load :stuck_out_tongue:

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As many as I can up to an apprentice count of 100-120.

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All radicals when available (except once at Level 10 cause a huge chunk of my Level 9 vocab was untouched), around 10 Kanji and vocab depends on how easy it is. If it’s simple onyomi readings or readings I’m familiar with from my anime knowledge, I can do upto 50 vocab a day. If it’s too many irregular readings then around 15-20.

Usually I try to do all the lessons in the same day, reading all mnemonics. I feel I learn a lot more this way. even if in the first few days it feels like it’s not sticking, and failing a lot of reviews. this is why the mnemonics are important for long term retention, as in the next few days, weeks months, etc when your doing the reviews although you don’t remember the whole mnemonic story completely the key points of that mnemonic will pop out at you in a mental image. and it will confirm the answer. on the subconscious level the brain is figuring it out, and usually with in day or 2 it can be re called, so say for instance you do 130 lessons in a day, you may only get 50% - 75% correct in your next review, but thats still 65 - 97 new vocab your getting right with in the first 2 - 3 days. wheres if you did 10 new vocab a day and got 100% correct you would be getting 30 vocab correct in 2 - 3 days. also I would recommend inputting all your burned vocab into Anki if you want the highest retention rate possible. even if you just read a lot you would still have a higher retention rate you used anki to input burn vocab alone. but I would recommend doing both.Wanikani is only the beginning even if you study all jlpt 1 grammar points and reach level 60 in wanikani also even if you study learn 20000 words on to of that and can read a lot… you still won’t be able to understand spoken Japanese if you don’t do a lot of listening practice. also I should add inputting into Anki avoids the issue of having to reset if a lot of burned items can not be recalled. sure inputting burned items into Anki would take time, but not as long as you think, because you can already read most of he vocab so you could do like 50 reviews in less then five minutes. but in the long run this will prevent getting all the way to level 60 and then feeling like you need to reset back to level 1… in the long run you will save alot more time doing things proly from the start then 中途半端。What is truly learned is not a choice, you just have to keep taking in a lot of stuff and some stuff you don’t expect will stick and things you want to stick will take longer. so I guess learning to be calm in uncertainty is a powerful way to advance learning.


I’ve just been keeping a 0/0 lesson/review streak since the start since a lot of the early vocab is pretty straightforward based on the kanji meanings, or just words i’ve heard/read before. The SRS system is there to make you eventually retain everything anyway, so you may aswell push your memory to the limits.


I usually do as many as I can handle at one time, but I do have some previous knowledge so not all the lessons are new. I take short breaks after every 20-30 or so but I try to do them all within a couple hours of unlocking them. I read the mnemonics for every item except some of the vocab that I already know well. Occasionally, if there’s an item giving me trouble during the lessons, I write it down or make a drawing of the mnemonic story, which helps my retention a lot.

I do all the lessons at one time, but it depends when they show up. If it’s near the evening, I’ll save them and do them all in the morning. That way I can catch the follow up 4h/8h reviews during the day.

Yup, this is exactly how I’ve been doing it too, but I’ve been able to stay above 80% by doing what I said above and catching the next few reviews during the day. If I can get the lessons done around 8am, that’s 12pm for the first interval and 8pm for the next one. But that’s on a good day. On an average day, I’ll get the lessons done by 9:30am and catch the 1:30pm review then finish up around 9:30pm.

I don’t have any previous learning or exposure in Japanese, so I don’t know how my brain can remember 40+ new mnemonic stories in just a few of days… :frowning:
But maybe I’ll give it a try.

that’s what she said…


Different things work for different people! I personally find it fascinating that this approach works for anyone - if nothing else, I think the review waves would kill me - but the one suggesting is level 55, so it definitely works for them! But above all I’d suggest going whatever speed works for YOU. Burnout is real!! And if going faster means being unable to keep up or retain things (for you personally), it’s not worth the extra speed. So keep that in mind going forward, I guess :slight_smile:


I do 5-10 a day. Mostly 5. I’m not going for speed. I have a very busy life so I don’t want to overwhelm myself and give up. I also try to do some BunPro every day as well, but once again not too much. Grammar is a lot harder for me to get my head around


See it gets easier that is the trick. That first day of the level up you have like 90 lessons. All the kanji became vocab and then you have new radicals and new first round kanji. So that second day you have like 210 reviews. Then as the days go on the number decreases 175, 123, until you are right before the guru threshold and there are like 83 tomorrow…the cycle makes it worth it.

So you mean better do all the lessons when they are ready, and then it will decrease over time?

I’m also trying to balance out learning all this vocab with conversation practice and some grammar, with a teacher, which I find actually more important. Because I think conversation is the main thing you wanna be focusing on, as a beginner.
Knowing the word ‘foreign diplomacy’ is hardly useful if basic conversation is still difficult. LOL

Do you feel that BunPro helps you with conversation…?

I thought that maybe combining Wanikani with BunPro would be enough, but I’m not sure.

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