People were right about it getting faster

so just hit level 2 and landed 40-50 lessons. do people attempt them all at once or try a few a day,?


everyone does it at a different pace, it may take time to understand what works best for you. Some people (the go fast as possible people) do it all at once to get that 6-7 day level up.

Me on the other hand has discovered between work and life I should try to do at least half the kanji when I can and some vocab. If i’m doing well, I’ll finish the rest of the kanji day two or next time i get on and over time encourage myself to do all vocab lessons soon because it helps retention of kanji meanings.


Long story short.

The one’s you don’t finish won’t appear on your reviews later until you finished them. The one’s you finish now will appear on your reviews in a few hours.

So if you think things are slow, then go ahead and try to complete a large amount at a time. If you want to take it slow, then break the lessons down and do a couple.

Me personally, I’ll do 20 KANJI at the most in one sitting, the rest (vocab and radicals) i’ll just do whenever.
In order to accomplish this though, you may need to use a re-ordering script so you can do kanji first.
User script list (under ESSIENTIAL)

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Spreading your items out throughout your level is ideal if you want a smooth review schedule that lacks peaks or days with very few reviews. It might not seem as if it matters now but when you start to send things 1 or 4 months into the future you might be surprised by how much can come back at you at the same time. If you enjoy reviewing really large batches then feel free to let loose :merman:


You don’t need to do all at once to level up fast. The only thing that’s required is the re-order script so you can get radicals and kanji before vocab. I’ve generally kept a 7-8 days level up consistently and I only do 20 lessons per day, sometimes I have to do more or less depending on the level, but this has worked for me and I don’t feel too overwhelmed by lessons.


And it just keeps getting faster. I’ve got 0 reviews due right now, but 330 reviews coming up in the next 24 hours.

But yeah, how many you do at once depends on how you want to handle it. I like to do 25-50 spread out over an hour or two and call it a day on lessons. That said, I also like to sit down and do 100-200 reviews at a time. YMMV.

oh i knew that, i’m just saying some choose to do everything at once.

Spreading them out I think is best. I try to do some during downtime at work, normally on my phone. 15-20 here and there. In higher levels it may be normal to have 100 plus reviews a day. Just do little at a time and don’t let them pile up if possible.
One thing I learned is letting all the reviews pile up and trying to do them after work late at night is one the worst things to do lol.

For earlier levels, I did them all at once, but that’s because I was already familiar with most of the kanji and vocabulary. For content that’s mostly new, I do no more than 30 lessons a day, unless I need to go slightly over to get all the new kanji into rotation.

(I also try to keep the apprentice queue as close to 100 items as possible, which was advice I got here early on that’s really helped keep things manageable.)


thanks for the replies everyone. think i need to stop worrying about speed. doesnt matter if it takes me a year to complete or 4… aslong as im moving forward and enjoying it


No. You must finish within one year.

All levels that take 8 days or more to complete bring shame upon the house of wanikani.

12 hours of study every day.

Quit your job, move into a commune, slowly sell off all your possessions for food and internet so you can focus on studying japanese.


I always do all my reviews as soon as they come up, and regulate my workload by limiting the number of new lessons I do.

I used to do all new lessons at once, then went to ten a day, then went to ten a day but only five if they were kanji instead of vocabulary, then went to ten a day on weekends only, etc, etc, and now I’ve settled into five new items a day and I’ve been there for a while.

Any time you change your rate of doing lessons, it take a few days for the workload to respond accordingly. For this reason, some people stop or reduce their lessons starting the week before they go on vacation, or have exams, or have a big project at work. This way, once they get busy, their workload on WK has already decreased a bit.

I really like 5 a day at this point, since I balance that with studying grammar and reading which reinforces things.


You wont know this being a level two, but later levels you keep getting ambushed every directory. I say do all the reviews, or they will keep piling up and up.

At around 10, i went a month, maybe more just doing reviews (no new lessons). I was getting hammered, it seems like every guru, enlightened and master queue was suddenly just bombing me with reviews. I was battered 6 ways till sunday.

Ohh and don’t take some time off / vacation without putting it into vacation mode. you WILL regret it. :unamused:

So, i say concentrate on completing reviews when they come up, but if you feel too many dont do the lessons until you get it down to a manageable number.

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I have seen some crap like that on Reddit. People saying with 3 months of study were able to pass the N1. Normally people call their bs on it. I can’t imagine someone really studying only Japanese for 10 plus hours a day

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Absolutely this. People tend to get lost in the gamification, which is absolutely a plus of Wanikani, but just remember the end goal is to be able to read Japanese proficiently, not to beat the app. Go at the pace that’s most conducive to your learning.

And if you’re trying to rush through not learning things well, you might as well not be learning them at all.

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Maybe if you paid more attention to studying and less attention to complex rhyme schemes you wouldn’t be in this position.

I do them all at once… but it’s usually no more than 40-50 so far.