How long do you think it will take me to get to level 60?

I do 5 new words every day, and my accuracy is 70-95%

There are around 9000 items (radicals + kanji + vocab) on WaniKani. 9000 items / 5 items per day / 365 days per year = about 4.9 years.


TLDR: I recommend in the case you have the time to do all lessons at once (asap), doing it and just being careful with Apprentice not surpassing ~200 items.

I myself not use wanikani restricting the number of lessons per day, it might be a little overwhelming at the beginning, but that (or at least for me) gradually fades over time, even if you think you have bad accuracy. I personally still like to do my lessons all at once when they are available, the first reviews after that may be a little bad, but I think it does not only equal over time, but makes a positive difference on time spent doing reviews in the long run. :wink:

Sorry if I was a little bit too detailed, I hope you can get at least the grasp of it, although this is an advice, I still encourage you to test yourself and do whatever is more enjoyable for you, whatever you do. :slight_smile:

You should take it at your own pace. I foresee myself reaching level 60 in about 2 years if I go at the pace I’ve been going at for the past year. However, think I’ll reach it being closer to the 3rd year, since I’ll most likely slow down.

My current pace is 10 new Kanji/Radicals a day, with 10-20 new vocab added. I do not add any on the weekends/holidays, that way I can really make sure I don’t overwhelm myself (my pace is no more than 100 items in apprentice at once).

As for you, I think it will depend on your free time and willingness to get through some levels where you really struggle. I also think you might increase your learn amount a little and reach level 60 in about 3-4 years.

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The below website gives you a predicted completion time as well as the earliest possible date


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