How many hours/days to get to level 60 in two years?

So I know it’s possible to get to L60 in a little over a year, but suppose my goal is two years, how many hours a day do you think I’d need to spend?

Well, I’m not particularly fast with typing reviews (I like to think carefully to avoid stupid mistakes), but it took me about 2h per day for the last part of slow levels (up to the early 40s) and then 3~4h for the last stretch of fast levels.
Assuming you only divide the number of lessons per day by two (so ~12 for slow levels and 25 for fast levels), with the same accuracy, you would reach 60 in 2 years with 1~2h a day.


I took about two years to hit 60 and did at least an hour of WK on most days. My accuracy isn’t the highest (maybe 85-90%) so that contributed to having to do more reviews.


Thanks, super helpful! Quick possibly silly question - what do you mean by “slow levels” and “fast levels”?

A slow level is a level where you have less than 90% of the kanji unlocked at first. In that case, you need to first guru the radicals to unlock enough kanji and eventually level up. Maximum speed is 6d20h/level, and people (me included) tend to finish those at a more “reasonable” speed of 7d/level.

Fast levels appear mostly at the end of WK (level 41+? Or something like that, they added new kanji/radicals recently, which changed some things). As the number of radical decreases, more and more kanji are unlocked from the start. At that point, you only have one or two locked kanji, which means you can complete the level in one go. Maximum speed is 3d10h/level, but again, people tend to do 3d12h/level on average. (Depending on the timing, I was alternating 3d10h and 3d14h since I did not want to wake up in the middle of the night to do reviews.)

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Thanks, makes sense - really appreciate all the detail here. Some day I’ll have a little 60 next to my avatar…until then I’ll just look at yours with envy :star_struck:


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