How much time do you spend studying japanese compared to time spent on WaniKani?

I’ve been studying Japanese for about a month now, going through my Genki textbook, and using WaniKani to learn kanji and a bit of vocab. Just curious about how much time is spent each day on Wanikani as I heard that reviews start stockpiling pretty high in the upper levels.


Most days I just do 20 mins Anki plus 20 mins Wanikani.

Once a week I spend a couple of hours advancing grammar.

A couple of times a week I watch Japanese shows. (20 mins)


I take as much time as I need to get through a level a week in WaniKani and chapter a week of Genki.

I do about 20 mins, morning, 5 mins noon, and 30 mins evening daily on WaniKani.

More time on other resources, 1 hour for genki work book, 30 minutes, bunpro, 1 hours talking to a Japanese person from italki, etc. Shouldn’t need to be on wanikani more than an hours a day.


if I don’t get distracted I do like 30-35 reviews in 25 min, and I do like 10-15 lessons per day. I’m still trying to decide if I should do just 10 for kanji and 15 for vocab since kanji it’s a bit more time consuming for me.

So I would say that daily it takes me almost 3h if I get 150 reviews, maybe I’m just too slow :thinking:
I just do Wanikani for Japanese for the time being.

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I do about an hour to 1.5 on wanikani and ~40min on duolingo daily. If it’s a weekend or some of my other plans failed I try to read something or watch native content.

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I spend about 90 minutes a day in total, usually roughly half on wanikani. This does not include time spent “attempting” to absorb Japanese content through reading and watching.

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I spend about an 0.5 to 1.5 hours on WaniKani, depending entirely on how many reviews I have that day and if I’m at 0 lessons. I probably spend about 0.5 hours on LingoDeer lessons, and 0.2 hours on BunrPro and KitSun reviews. So, all in all, about 1.5-2 hours.


My schedule depends entirely on whether I have to work (12 hour shifts plus a total of 2 - 3h commuting leaves little time for anything else). On work days I only do wanikani, and maybe read a bit of manga during my breaks.
On free days I spend about 30 minutes to an hour - hour and half on wanikani (all my reviews and lessons), I try to watch at the minimum one episode of an anime or variety show (20 - 30 minutes), read for minimum half an hour (though this is often more), spend around 15 minutes doing bunpro, and work for however long until I’m bored with a text book (mostly around 20 minutes).

I’d say I’d spend on average 1/3 of my Japanese time on Wanikani and the rest on other sources.

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Kamesame, wanikani, bunpro and watch a ep of an anime everyday without sub.
P.s: (currently watching re:zero it is quite fun but i didn’t understand)

That’s a good question!
In my case, when I started I was doing mostly WaniKani (and related tools like KaniWani), but nowadays I’m trying to reduce it because my level of Kanji knowledge is much higher than my general level of Japanese (especially listening comprehension and speaking). On average I spend around 40% of my study time on WaniKani.

I think it’s still a little too much, but with 250-300 reviews per day I don’t really want to risk to fall behind.

I started getting serious in Japanese around 3–4 months ago. I feel like I’m probably the person who does studying the wrong way…I spend time on Memrise learning 15 new words per day, do my reviews, write those vocab down in a book and make them into paper flashcards. It’s kind of hard to estimate how long that takes but I’d say maybe around an hour. I also try to watch Japanese youtubers or listen to podcasts for 30 mins a day. Then doing WaniKani and reviews takes about 10-15 mins, although I’ve only been on here for a week and still on Level 1 so…
However, I’m sort of confused because I’ve stayed on Level 1 for so long even though I know the words. Sorry for the long post :slightly_smiling_face:

to level up, you have to do your lessons, you will see a bar rising

there are three types of lessons radical, kanji and vocabulary. When you guru your kanji you will reach a new level.
You can check commonly asked questions here


On a typical weekday I don’t get to actual studying outside of WK. Some video game exposure or a few YouTube videos if I’m lucky.

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I made a chart for this.


I don’t “study” japanese per se. But I spend 2-3hours per day watching or reading Japanese content at a minimum.
One hour on Anki.
Wanikani takes around an hour or so I guess.

So 5 hours total. 1 hour of wanikani.

oh yeah I listen to Japanese audio podcasts whenever I’m driving or shopping or taking a walk. I don’t really keep track of that time since I consider that “passive immersion”.

Actually I just remembered that I started tracking my time since May 11th, so I can tell exactly how much time i’ve spent. Here’s my stats since then:

So 277 hours since May 11th. There were 127days since then so my average time is 2.18hours per day + 1 hour of anki = 3.18 hours per day.


At my peak I was spending up to two hours per day on wanikani and spending zero time on anything else Japanese-related (don’t be me).

The time I feel I was most productive, I was spending about 45 minutes per day on Bunpro, about an hour on Wanikani, and a minimum of 30 minutes reading.

Nowadays I just spend a ton of time reading and don’t “study” at all, unless you count looking up words in the dictionary as I encounter them. Though I do have a pile of reviews that have built up since I quit SRS over six months ago…


Maybe I should devote a day to grinding through these


Now that I’m level 60 I usually spend 30 or so minutes on Wanikani a day, just chipping away at reviews I abandoned or doing a few of the new lessons.
When I did Wanikani full speed though, I ended up spending 3 to 4 hours a day on it minimum to keep up.

Nowadays, I spend about 3 or 4 hours a day studying Japanese usually 6 days a week (Because I’m lazy and skip some days :rofl:). When doing Wanikani, because I was doing it full speed I really didn’t do much outside of Wanikani, maybe an hour of stuff like reading, grammar study, and the sort.


Depends on the day really.

My routine is to check in on WK in the morning (7-9; somewhere in there)
When I am between Teams calls I pick up a text book. Currently going through Japanese the Manga Way.
Between 11-1 I check in on WK again.
During lunch I will pick up a text book again for 20minutes or so.
3PM - 4:30 I will check in on WK again

The evening I just wing it. Sometimes I will read a chapter of a text book, others I will just chill, and then between 7 PM - 10 PM I will check in on WK a few times to try to keep the reviews from piling up before I go to bed.

I have been working at Japanese for 20 years. My problem is media consumption got me to understand a lot of spoken Japanese but I can’t put more than a few short sentences together. With WK though, I am building up a vocabulary that is letting me plug more words into the sentence patterns I know and I am expanding those patterns as much as I can every day.

Keep at it and good luck! Stop in if you start losing motivation! :sunglasses:

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Now are semester holidays and I am working fulltime. However, in the evenings I study Japanese.
Wanikani takes me around 30 min a day, additional studying is around 2,5 hours per day.
There, I do my Anki reviews and study grammar in a textbook and/or read some manga.

During university times, I did only Wanikani everyday but textbook only on the weekend for around 4 hours in total. During exam phases, this goes down to 1-2 hours.
I try to use my semester holidays where there are no additional assignments as best as I can because I know that afterwards I won’t have that much time.

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