Daily time spent on Wanikani

Hello everyone,

This is my first thread on the forums. I was wondering if the time I spend on Wanikani everyday was too much considering the amount of lessons I do. Basically, I spend around 1h40 everyday doing around 12 lessons and my reviews. I read some people go full speed in that same amount of daily time and even less. Maybe I should take less my time and accept to do more mistakes in order to learn more rapidly.


For reviews that I know, they usually take around 2 seconds (each side of the card - reading or meaning). For reviews that I don’t know, I usually take the risk (because I might have an idea of the answer and I’m not sure if I’m right) or if I don’t really know, I give myself like 6 seconds to think and I go for it.

I’m not sure how much you think during reviews, but it might be worth trying to speed up things a bit. If you can’t recall a word’s meaning in 30 seconds, you don’t really know it to get it right, right? :man_shrugging:


I’ve wondered this myself. I haven’t kept track of all my sessions, but I likely spend more that 2 hours a day on 15-20 lessons and about 150 reviews every day. Interested to see what other people do.


Thanks for the info. I should point out that I mainly use my cellphone. It is obviously slower to do my reviews that way. The problem is that sometimes, I recall the answer after more than 30 seconds. But at the same time, I could just get it wrong and do 5 items in the same amount of time. It’s hard to fix a limit of time.


I don’t think you should ever give yourself a time limit if it feels like you know the answer. Not everyone’s brain works the same, you could be tired, or just having a brain fart, etc. Heck, I’m constantly grasping for extremely common words in English when I’m typing or talking to someone, despite clearly knowing what I want to say. Then finally I have that ‘eureka’ moment. But that’s my brain. It’s not a great brain, but it works.


I work much slower, but that works for me. I do about an hour a day. I do all of my reviews and one or two lessons. As long as we’re all learning, that’s what matters! ^-^

Do you do only one review session a day, or several?

One in the morning, one in the day at work, one after work and one before bed. Sometimes, I do more sessions.

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