How long do reviews take you each day?

How long does it take you to complete a certain amount of reviews? I feel like if I have 100 reviews it will take me an hour or longer. Similarly if I have 200 I feel like it takes me two hours or longer to clear out the queue.

I feel like wanikani is taking up most of my study time each day. Is this normal or am I just slower than the average user?


I think it’s normal? I usually don’t have that many at once, since I do reviews a lot.
It might be usefull to use the ‘wrap up’ function, so you can split up your reviews.

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That’s roughly were I was for a while, and as I got the hang of everything and streamlined it I’ve gotten to the point of getting through about ~200 reviews per hour. I usually have around 300 available each morning between WK and KS so I’ve had a lot of practice. I slow myself down by verbally speaking my answers before and after submitting them, but I also gain a LOT of speed by using doublecheck to disregard any caution for typos. I switched to direct kana input which slowed me down for a while, but now finally seems to make typing slightly faster. There’s a lot of factors about your review routine that can change the speed, but I don’t think 100/hour is concerning.

SRS and Immersion are expected to occupy the vast majority of study time.


I used to try to do all my reviews each day at one time. It would end up taking me 2 to 3 hours after which I was too burnt out for other studies. Now I break it up into two 30 minute sections, timed with an alarm. I get more done in less time this way as I focus more. Also, I would advise setting the number of lessons you want to add after you’ve done reviews. I usually max add in 10 kanji or 20 vocab.

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My pace was definitely slower on earlier levels, I especially used to struggle to get through vocab and remembering two readings. I wouldn’t be surprised if my pace back then was similar to yours, though I would rarely do sets of 100.

At this point I can clear 100 in under 30 minutes, and under 20 if I’m really in a rush a throw caution to the wind.
Some of my speed up was due to getting used to the program, and some more because I’ve just gotten used to typing faster than I used to. I would say the biggest factor was the the vocabulary felt easier to go through. I noticed after the early levels that more vocab were combinations of kanji I already knew, as well as that the the verbs with more technical kanji took the する form as opposed to る or う, so you end up not needing to learn as many new readings.

Dear lord

At my busiest, back when I was at a higher level, I had 300 or so a day, but they generally weren’t clustered at one time. I found doing 50 or 60 in a little block took me half an hour, at most. Very much depended on the level of the items being reviewed.

If you aren’t, I recommend whatever script lets you do meaning/reading back to back, because knowing what you’re going to type next before you even hit enter half of the time saves a LOT more time than you think it would.
Then, override script. If you spend 20 seconds trying to remember if a kanji wants ‘run’ or ‘running’ or whatever, just override that shit. Worrying about english synonyms is a waste of time. You know the answer.

That said, maybe 20 minutes, but sometimes more it I have “hard” reviews. But I don’t know what is average. I think you should do them as fast as possible, but the reason that I and some other people can do them really fast is we have extensive Japanese experience outside wanikani. Now at level 50, i already recognize and know at least one reading of at least half of the “new” kanji I learn every level, and same for vocabulary. At early levels, it could be from 70-90%. You can see how this could make some reviews really easy and fast.

So don’t worry too much about comparing yourself to others, but I would say, after the script stuff at the top,

  1. Try to do it fast even if that means getting more wrong
  2. If you don’t want to get more wrong, or you find going faster results in a MASSIVE drop in accuracy, stay slow but lower your lessons so you have fewer reviews each day, so you’re not spending all day in wanikani.

So basically, whatever it takes to do less wanikani.


I have about 150-200 reviews per day and I usually spend an hour total on them, split up into three sessions throughout the day.

Personally, I like to fail fast in that if i don’t remember an item within a few seconds, I fail it and move on. I then spend some time reviewing all the failed items on the summary screen, and letting the SRS do its thing to bring that item around again.


Just to add a bit, I agree that it’s important to recall at ‘reading’ speed, this should be one of your goals in the long term. It’s actually a very good exercise to take a long time to bring something rusty into your memory again. So as to whether you should fail a review after a second or two, you’ll have to balance the pros and cons for yourself. I would suggest that even if you do end up recalling it after 5, 10, or 30 seconds, go ahead and purposely fail it anyway; you need the reviews.

You might see my level and not take me seriously, but I already completed WaniKani a couple years ago. Once I wanted to go back through and review everything in a structured way, and asked if I could have an accelerated SRS if I reset; they said no, so I made a new one instead.

You have to think long term, the items you de-level will probably end up being some of your strongest memories later on. I would also advise you to start reading right away. There are tons of books you could consume already, even if they aren’t super advanced. This will act as a speed and comprehension multiplier, it will astonish you. Don’t wait, just do it.

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I don’t have any idea of how much time it takes me to complete all the daily reviews. As I work from home and stay in front of the computer until 10pm, I’m always checking WK in order to do my reviews. Sometimes I go to sleep early, so I can’t clear the queue.

I think I spend 10-20 minutes on a batch of reviews a couple of times a day on average. I have some SRS stuff outside of wanikani too, so I spend a couple of hours a day on SRS in general. If you spend all of your Japanese time on SRS you should maybe slow down a bit. It’s important to experience the language, and not only study it.

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Before level 30 ~150 reviews took me about one hour. Nowadays i use the Flaming Durtles app with integrated anki mode. Doing reviews in this way takes me like 20 min, yet i don´t lose out on retention at all from not typing my answers. I can wholeheartedly recommend it.
(well, maybe not if you have a weak will)

If I do reviews on my PC it’s around 30 min per 100 reviews. On my phone it takes 30-45 min. I do them more slowly to avoid silly typos.

level 13 here. Everyday is around 170 reviews

I do in 20min the first bach, around 125 in the morning, and later at night the rest, like 5 or 10 min.

Lessons I do 25 per day when they appear and I am slow, doing them spending 1h at least

how do you use anki mode in flaming durtles and configure it for this?

two to 10 minutes because I currenly only get them in batches of 30-50 at a time.

I did 39 earlier today and it took about 3 minutes, but it was mainly filled with radicals from level 1 so I blitzed through it.

When you open the app, press the following:

Three dots in the top right corner → settings → scroll to advanced settings and enable them → review advanced settings → scroll until you see “anki mode for meanings (or readings)” and activate them

(Also make sure the app knows your wanikani key)


around 15-ish minutes for 100 reviews (21,2 minutes for 155 reviews to be exact).

if i have a hundred reviews, it’ll take me most of an hour. i’m fine with that.

but i don’t try to go fast. i’ll always tell myself reading and meaning, if i was unsure i’ll hit F and have a look at the mnemonics, or the phonetic-semantic stuff, or look up the kanji i confused it with. i can go faster, but it’s what feels comfortable to me.

but i have a lot of free time, so even if i spend two hours on WK, i still have plenty of time to do a bit of reading and other stuff. i agree that spending all your study time on WK is probably not the best strategy. If WK is crowding out other aspects of learning japanese, then i’d suggest taking some of the advice on speed from the earlier posts, or reducing your daily lessons ^^

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i have timed myself quite a few times and i do 3 - 4 reviews per minute. it does not change much though sometimes i fly through, then other times i slave through so it evens out to 3 or a little more per minute.

this said, i rarely do more than 10 or 20 in one sitting because i do something else in between so 100 reviews will also take me one hour.

if i don’t know i pass, if i still don’t know, i enter B to fail and check what the answer is.