How do you properly process 50+ lessons?

Well, I will start by saying my daily goal isn’t 0 lessons/0 reviews. That to me is too much pressure no matter the level.

And I am the type who is encouraged by seeing that there is so much to learn. So I don’t totally relate to your experience here, as I just get excited at the prospect that I now know enough to learn this much more.

I visit WK 3-7 times a day, so I have time to space out my lessons and reviews in 5-20 increments.

I am a fan of the wrap-up button during reviews (i like to do 20-40 in a sitting and then take a break even if for just a few minutes).

There is also this script that can be used to limit the number of lessons you see per day so you don’t get overwhelmed. It might help you to know you’re being limited to a set number per day vs. seeing 120+ in your queue.

Since I do not have a goal to get to level 60 in a year, i’ve afforded myself the opportunity to lower the amount of lessons I do per day. Reviews take the longest for me and they will increase with the more lessons you complete.

If you get overwhelmed by reviews, then decrease the number of lessons you do per day.
If you like doing lots of reviews, increase your lessons.