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Hey all,

I’ve been pretty on and off with Wanikani. I’ve been trying my best but every few levels I’ll stop for 1-2 weeks. I’m only on Level 13 but I try my best. Part of the reason is I constantly get vocab reviews wrong (I’m pretty good at the kanji stand alone). Right now I have over 1000 reviews piled up.

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Have you stopped lessons?

Reviews are meant to be done every day, that’s why they pile up when you take a break.

Stopping lessons will reduce your daily review load and make it more manageable to keep up. Otherwise, you can use vacation mode to pause reviews when you take a break.


Do you think its smart to pause lessons for a bit (and potentially delay leveling up) while I get my daily reviews lower?

Laboring under a massive review queue is going to delay leveling even more.

Keep your apprentice count under 100 and only do lessons when it’s less than that. Do no more than 20 lessons per day.

If you’re dealing with a big review queue stop lessons altogether until you sort it out.


Whenever it comes to developing a skill long-term, consistency will always be more important than intensity. Taking things at a slower pace and sticking with it will yield you better results than trying to keep up with an intensity that just leads to you burning out and just putting it down one day and never coming back.
To that end, staggering your lessons is an excellent way to keep your reviews at a manageable level, as well as having the benefit of reducing “clumping”, which when those reviews come back at the master or enlightened level, and you would suddenly be staring down a 250+ review stack because of the new reviews + the old clump.


I have a rule for myself where I don’t do lessons until my reviews are at 0. The real learning doesn’t come from the lessons, but from the reviews. Those are the important bits. Only add new stuff (via lessons) when you’ve got a grip on the stuff you’re already learning (via reviews). Better to know a few things really well than to half learn a lot of things, imo. Like they say, slow and steady wins the race. Just work through your reviews bit by bit, it’s not a race, and don’t worry about doing lessons rn.

Edit: for context, we’re at about the same level. (If I’m on top of my shit and doing my reviews everyday) I only have max 100 reviews a day.


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