How do I pronounce any of this?

I took a look at the kanji, and I noticed there isn’t a pronunciation key for me to understand. It just tells me what the word means in English. How would I pronounce any of this?

When you do a lesson, there are tabs that you can click between to view the given meaning and reading.

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Can you read the kana? If not, have a look here before you continue with Wanikani:

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oh, okay. I can read katakana but not on’yomi thanks.

Do you mean Hiragana? That is what the on’yomi are written in on the reading section of the kanij.

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Make sure you go through the basics of Japanese! It’s important you understand how the language works before diving into the kanji (although your enthusiasm for getting ahead will reward you later on!), since this will save you a lot of pain. Try out some grammar resources as well, since kanji isn’t even half of it!


There are a few prerequisites to being able to use this site. Learn Hiragana and I would recommend reading up on kunyomi and onyomi readings before starting.

Hiragana is a prerequisite to starting WaniKani, and will highly aid pronunciation.

Kana presents almost complete pronunciation of Japanese language; though you should also be aware of Pitch-Accent Awareness Corner

Tofugu has a guide to learning hiragana, or use the first few levels of duolingo. My bet, it only takes you a couple of days, and then you’ll be ready to go!

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