How does WaniKani work?

I started TODAY ^^ and I read the tutorial and did the tour but I’m still confused.

Does WK only provide the meanings for different kanji and not the pronounciations?

Does it include any stuff so I can continue to refine and brush up on my kana? (i can read all kana its just i want to become more fluent → read faster)

Have you read the FAQ and Guide as well?


Long story short, you’re just learning mnemonic components right now. Once you’ll have reviewed them four times (which should take a couple of days), you will unlock kanji lessons. After those, you’ll get vocab and probably level up, which repeats the same pattern.


When you get to kanji and vocab (after you guru enough radicals), the pronunciations are presented in kana, so you’ll naturally get a little practice at reading hiragana. However, it might be a good idea to look for other resources too if you think you need more practice at kana - especially katakana.

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If you want to practice Kana, I strongly recommend Tinycards.

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Obviously just about everything in Japanese has kana, if you want to practice kana there is no need to look for it specifically just go for any japanese media, heck just open up a twitter or something and follow any Japanese speaking people.

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