How do i pause reviews in the durtles android app?

falling behind due to being ill so want to pause in the best way possible without ruining srs.

Not sure how to access it from the durtles app (I don’t use it) but if you can get to account settings you can turn on vacation mode.

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U have to go to vacation mode on WK website. Flaming durtles will show reviews increasing through notifications but you arent actually getting them

Without ruining SRS? Using vacation mode will ruin SRS in the sense that the intervals on all items will increase by however long you’re on vacation mode for.

By level three you don’t have that many items yet, so I would just let them build up, and when you’re ready to come back, just do about 40 items a day, to make sure all your reviews don’t come back on the same day later. Then only do lessons when you’re back to 0 reviews.

Get well soon!