Suggestion: Time Account Vacation

So really random, and apologies if this has been suggested before, but just a quick idea (and I know having an idea is easy, implementing it is hard, so any feedback is appreciated!):

Whenever I go to bed at night, I set my account on vacation because I just can’t afford to wake up to 200 reviews. I understand that this slows down my learning, but it keeps my sessions manageable and keeps me from being intimidated by having a huge lesson queue. Unfortunately, when I deactivate my vacation mode, I then have to wait for more reviews to pop up instead of instantly being able to do 30-40 reviews right away. My suggestion? Being able to input an automatic time/date when your account goes into vacation mode

If I went to bed at midnight, but set my timer for 3 AM, I could wake up to 3 manageable hours of reviews for a warm-up without having to wait for all of them to accumulate. Any thoughts on this? Any suggestions that would make the idea better?

When you say “lessons” are you referring to reviews? Lessons only appear when items reach guru, so they generally don’t “pop up” while you’re away.

You’re absolutely right. I always use the terms interchangeably for some reason sadly. Just went in and fixed it, thanks for the heads up!

After the first few SRS levels, reviews come back roughly a whole number of days after you do them. Basically what that means is that if you do all your reviews when you wake up, they’re all going to come back again someday at the time you wake up again. The way to avoid this is to manually space out your reviews over the course of the day. You don’t need to do all of them at once.


You could try reducing how many apprentice and guru level items you have. Checking your profile right now shows that you have over 200 apprentice items and over 700 guru items. These items make up the bulk of your reviews daily. You could hold off on doing any more lessons (do your reviews! just no new items from the lessons stack) until you have closer to 100 apprentice items. This will reduce how many reviews you get every day, and therefore reduce how many you wake up to every morning.

Another option is to get a userscript that hides how many reviews you have. That way you don’t wake up and see over 200 reviews and start getting stressed out. Just do as many as you feel like and leave the rest for later.

The point of SRS is to space out your reviews by a preset amount. Putting your account on vacation mode every night is probably increasing your SRS intervals by quite a lot, so instead of seeing an item 1 week later as you should, you’re seeing it a week and a half later. It may not seem like much, but think about the longer intervals like 1 month or 6 months becoming 50% longer. While I understand your motivation for using vacation mode like this, it seems like it may be causing more issues than you realize.


I would follow the suggestions above from @Belthazar and @ShotgunLagoon .

I think the reason you have so many reviews popping up overnight is because you’ve been using vacation mode and your intervals are all being shifted.

I follow pretty much what’s been suggested and I don’t have any reviews come in overnight:

I still average about 150 per day but they’re spread out over the course of the day.


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