Reviews lost after vacation mode

Anyone ever have reviews disappear after vacation mode? I had like 560 reviews, did vacation mode for 6 days, turned it off, and it went down to into the 300s. I then watched the review number change in smoldering durtles from 500s down to 300s.

Where did the reviews go? Escapees?

I also opened a support chat. Wondering if anyone else noticed this.

How does smoldering durtles interact with vacation mode? I wonder if this is what you’re seeing (though it’s the older app): How do i pause reviews in the durtles android app? - #3 by IgorTheGreat

This is one of the reasons I don’t mess with unofficial scripts/apps.

It says “Vacation mode is active” Lessons 0, Reviews 0. Just like the site does.

I would ask about your issues in the Smoldering Durtles thread, since this doesn’t sound like a bug with Wanikani - the official app. :eyes: maybe there are others who’ve have issues? If so, you’d find those discussions in the thread.