An optional pause option could be nice

Was a super busy week at work & outside of work last week, unable to really devote any proper time to reviews. Came back to 400+ reviews, on to my 2nd week now trying to catch up, still really busy but seeing such a high number is really demoralising (highest it’s even been for me), so I’ve not been chipping away as much as I’d like. I’m on to nearly 700 reviews now after this 2nd week & I’ve never felt so overwhelmed with the reviews. I’m usually pretty good at doing them before & after work but I’ve just had such little time last week that I could only do 5-20 per day, which didn’t make a dent
I know it’s not necessary to get the reviews to 0 constantly but seeing it skyrocket in to the hundreds after not being able to review for couple of days is really discouraging :confused:

I think an optional option to ‘pause’ reviews could be nice. Maybe only possible to trigger in advance to not abuse the system perhaps, like a planned future holiday. I’d be much more content coming back to say 100-200 reviews than 700

You mean like ‘vacation mode’?

Dashboard > Settings > Account


Perfect! Wish I’d known about this a week ago haha


What if you try FlamingDurtles in Anki mode to speed up the process and have an access to reviews even when no internet is available? Won’t it help? Just asking.

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