30+ days on Le 4

I’m a little confused. I’ve been doing Wanikani everyday since April when I started. It’s Been great but I’m stuck on lesson 4. Im getting 95-100 percent on all my reviews but I have been on this level for like 35 days. Any thoughts as to why this might be? Also, how could I possibly finish going through 50-60 levels in 2 years if it’s going to take 30+ days for a level. Anything I Might be missing? Please help.

What is your progress on Kanji currently? If it is more than 90%, you should level up already.

I see you have 12 kanji at apprentice level. If even four of those kanji are from level 4, you won’t level up.

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Do you have kanji/radical lessons you haven’t done yet, or only did recently?

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You need to guru at least some of the remaining level 4 kanji, at which point you will level up. If you’re not getting them right reliably enough to level, then per the system, you’re not ready for the next level.

Identify the kanji that you’re struggling with, spend some time specifically learning them backwards and forwards, inside out, meanings and readings. Then review them correctly, and once you have them at guru level, you will move to the next level and be offered new lessons.

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