How to type 九?

Please can someone tell me how to write those lower case kana? I do get it right but WaniKani says me its wrong only cause I cant set them down. Screenshot in link.

And during reviews and lessons, the keyboard icon also shows you a list of how to write any of the characters, in case you forget.


You’re writing down kiyuu, what you should be writing is kyuu

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Thank you both for the quick reply! It helped alot!


Do you have that link bookmarked for easy posting? I knew I could count on you to post it, so I didn’t bother looking for the article on my phone^^


Surprisingly no, but I should. This question comes up often enough that the Tofugu article is the first thing to pop up when I type “small” into my search bar. :joy:

I do have the general knowledge portal bookmarked so that I can easily pull it up.


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