Hovering over "Apprentice Kanji Left" character % progress

When I hover over the kanji in my “apprentice kanji left” section, many of them show 100% when I know for a fact I have never done that lesson yet. Some also say 0%.

I just made level 52 and I havent done any, but some have 100% on them others have 0%, some have other random percents. *I did notice this ages ago but never took the time to make a post I just ignored it. Is this a bug?

Never paid much attention to this, you can go to the item details and check where the percentage is coming from. I think it should be the Combined Answers Correct part.

Thanks Angry Mami,

I have seen this screen on the individual kanji pages, but I’m talking about on the dashboard page when you just cursor over each item. They should all be 0% as I have never done any of them but for some reason they have random percents on all of them.

My workaround has been going to each page but its time consuming and would of course rather just mouse over all of them quickly if it worked.

I think the hover over a kanji and that number on the individual page should be the same, so if it has a random percentage or 100% you can check if the system thinks you had some reviews yet.

But I’m not sure if that number is useful for anything anyway :slight_smile: Do you use Dashboard Progress Plus?

It’s 100 % after you’ve done the lessons since the first quiz counts as the the beginning of reviews. The ones that are at 0 % are still waiting in the lessons queu. :blush:

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