Apprentice 1 stuck

Hello !
The Dashboard level Progress Detail script is telling me that most of my kanji are still on Apprentice 1.

But i don’t think that is true.
Indeed, they say that most of my kanjis are “新し” :

And yet, for all of them (except 1 or 2), i have a current streak of four for each of them !
On the page of the kanji, it’s well written “guru” though.



At the moment, i should be level 5. I am scared that the whole thing is blocked and glitched :confused:

Is anoyone ever had this ?

This seems like a bug with a script and not with WaniKani itself. You should probably report it to the author of the script since I doubt there’s anything the WK team will be able to do about it.

Alright, probably is.
Still feels weird to me be i’ll wait to review some more kanjis and see what happens. Then, i’ll contact the script author !

If you disable the script, you can check the ultimate timeline for the next review so you’ll know what level the kanji are in.

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