Hotkeys for answers

On Bunpro, if you want to see the answer or check the grammar, there are hotkeys after the answer has been input for ease of use. It’s easier to just use a keyboard rather than reach over and start using a mouse for one single click after all.

WaniKani doesn’t have that. It’s actually very annoying, and has led to me answering questions wrong because it has read me pressing ‘a’ as going to the next question, inputting a, and pressing enter all with the same keystroke (the site does have some serious lag issues as well).

Hotkeys for showing answers would be great, and help with the usability of the site.

It does have hotkeys for showing answers, but only after you have made an input. It’s to stop people cheating themselves, opening the info before giving an answer and telling themselves “yeah, I knew that.”

After a right or wrong answer, press F. Then spacebar for both reading and meaning info.


These are mentioned in the bottom right-hand corner of the review window.


Maybe I’m just not understanding exactly what is being requested.


Those hotkeys don’t work in Firefox or Chrome then. So I guess WORKING hotkeys would be my request.

Hmm, they work for me in Chrome.


They work after you answer the quiz.

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