Feature request - let me see the correct answer without the mouse

I started using Bunpro recently and was a bit surprised that I seem to be able to do reviews on that more quickly than WK. Maybe it’s true, maybe not.

I would REALLY like it if I didn’t have to constantly take my hands off the keyboard to click the mouse to see the correct answer. I just read through reviews help for the first time, no mention of it and it doesn’t seem possible. Or how about a mode that just shows the right answer automatically? Is there any scenario where NOT seeing the correct answer after making a mistake makes any sense? Sure I do my fair share of typos, but given that the REVIEW is such a large part of the time spent on WK, I’d be looking for every chance to streamline it as much as possible.

The item info hotkey is F.


Man, that was fast LOL! Okay. Now that THAT’s been taken care of, how about making it more obvious that this is the case?

btw thanks @ssotoen !!!


There’s a keyboad icon in the bottom right that shows you keyboard shortcuts. It could probably use a better introduction, though.


This script does it. I use it and never felt the need of not displaying the correct answer.


Can you open that without the mouse? :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, the hotkey to open the hotkey menu is ?, which you type with Shift+/ on most keyboards.


This is a most excellent plugin! One thing it really helps with are the alternate meanings and pronunciations. There have been a few times when WK said “remember, you learned this with X” but maybe I didn’t actually because I just settled on one of the meanings or pronunciations.

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