Did WaniKani stop showing the correct answer after multiple failures?

I prefer to use wanikani in a browser and really hate using a mouse. I avoid using a mouse when i can but wanikani doesn’t seem to have any hot keys either. That was ok for a minute but it looks like I don’t get the automatic correction after so many failures. I even played with it to see how many failures it would take just to get an automatic explanation showing the reading. Why doesn’t WaniKani just show the correct response? Is this a change or am I imagining something? Is it too much to ask for a configuration where I can specify if I get X failures just show me the correct response? Trying to get the full info (reading + meaning) is VERY awkward too. Why not just put a configuration on the user’s profile?

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I don’t know what feature you’re talking about, but can’t you just hit F to open the explanation and then SPACE to expand it to show the whole thing? It’s been a while since I’ve done reviews, but I think those are the shortcuts.


Isn’t there a hot key icon you can expand somewhere on the review screen?

Here it is, bottom right corner:hotkeys


This is correct. I do remember something automatically popping up but forgot I had the Vimium plugin installed and it appears to block all the hotkeys that WaniKani has configured. I’ll go out on a limb and guess that plugin had some clash with WaniKani and caused some unexpected behavior.

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