Hold onto my turtle. The WaniKani Sale Begins (Dec 18, 2019 – Jan 8, 2020)

I don’t think I’d lose too much sleep over it :slight_smile:


I thought of buying it too, but I have reservations too. I’m not getting it because I feel like a lifetime would be a crutch for me. (I can skip today, tomorrow. I have a lifetime subscription, after all) - That might be me.
I intend to purchase Annual soon. I will buy it twice and no more. That will force me to be serious about this. No slacking off.


Nothing a level reset couldn’t fix!


(From the sale announcement:)

Oooh… like a “swear jar” for bad reviews answers :astonished:

So this is how they plan to take over the world economy! :laughing:

(By the way… has there been any sign of eGoooott yet? Not that I want to get sucked in again this year.
I’ve got too much other stuff that I need to stay focused on!)


I actually paid around $150 (discount plus the months I had already paid via the yearly subscription), this sale is INCREDIBLE value.

I’m no good at this, do you also see a totally clear circle with a totally clear 60?


It’s one of those weird black controls that are labelled in black on a black background, and a little black light lights up black to let you know you’ve done it.

Except it’s transparent as well.


I got an email about a special offer for users on level 60. How do I apply that discount to the current offer?

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It was a joke…

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Finally got that purple circle I’ve been waiting for. :wink:

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The madman actually took away @seanblue’s badge… I’ve never seen someone excommunicated from a church in person before!


Yay, currently getting my Christmas bonus together to afford a lifetime sub. I still have a few months in my year sub, so double discount. Yay!


So far I am strongly determined and systematical but yes, lifetime may let me to slack off instead of pushing myself to my limits

While we’re all getting our badges changed, can I get a badge with our crabigator overlord on it?


I already bought it last year, so I bought some stickers this time to support the sect cause.


Reply to their email :slight_smile:

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I decided to bite the bullet and invest in my learning!

To be honest it made financial sense, I was paying monthly before and I’ve been here a while.

Hey life-time crew! :wave:


How do you find LingoDeer? I bought lifetime too lol and couldn’t actually remember why.

Also back on topic. I bought the lifetime during the call to help test too. Now I’m drowning in reviews and lessons but hey no pain no gain. Gonna do 10 lessons a day rather than 20 though cos holiday period plus I’m sick, I need to be realistic to be able to stay accountable and make this worthwhile.

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This is a great value and even otherwise I to support the amazing work of the WK Team!

I joined two weeks ago and I am now in Level 2 heading close to Level 3. Hope to make it though to Level 3 before time runs out. I am waiting mostly to see my sense of my commitment before plunging into the purple haze.


Interesting :smile: Will I get the same mail after reaching 60, you think? I’ll probably hit it in a week or something. Now I’m so curious :sweat_smile: