Help with translating a sentence from the video game Corpse Party

Hello, I thought it would be fun to try playing a video game in Japanese and Corpse Party was the first game that I could find on Steam that had full Japanese Audio and subtitles.

I’m having trouble with the following sentence:

The parts that confuse me the most are:

  • そんな : Such a curse? Like a curse? Some kind of curse?
  • 天神小跡地に建っているの

I feel like either it is saying that Tenjin Elementary School is built on some kind of cursed site. Or that Tenjin School is some kind of cursed building site. I can’t work out what a natural translation to english would be.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:


If I were to translate it:

This school we are in right now is built upon what was once that cursed Tenjin Elementary’s grounds.

そんな呪われた can be broken down as そんな meaning “そういう” which I just translated as “that” and 呪われた which is the passive form of cursed. So it means “That cursed” and is modifying/describing what comes next. What comes next is 天神小跡地 which is basically the lot/site of tenjinshou after it was removed/destroyed. I translated this as “what was once tenjins school grounds” but you get the idea hopefully. And に marks a position and 建っている means constructed and its in the complete form of the ている (not that its currently being built). The の marks explanation likely.

The そんな makes it seem like tenjinshou was mentioned earlier in the conversation and something that would suggest its cursed at the very least. Because its saying its referring to that tenjinshou which implies the listener should know whats being talked about from context. But if you understand そういう fine, it shouldn’t be too hard to wrap your head around.

I dislike translation personally, but hopefully mine gives you an idea of some better ways to translate it while preserving the important parts of the meaning.


Thank you so much Vanilla,

I think I get it now. I’ve not come across “そういう” before so will look into that.

It sounds as though they are in a new school then, that has been built upon what used to be Tenjinshou (the cursed grounds). I think I need to review the text leading up to this sentence because I think I’m missing a few things for this to make full sense.

fyi there’s a thread for asking grammar questions if you want to bookmark it for the future Short Grammar Questions (Part 2)

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