Help with kanji from EVA-08 keycap set

So I recently bought a keycap themed around EVA-08, and I am trying to figure out what the text on one of the novelty keys (for those unfamiliar with mech keyboard sets, basically just keycaps that are meant to look neat/interesting/themed but don’t identify a key like normal)

It is 6 successive kanji: 輔助作戦兵器

I have tried to google around and unfortunately with that many in a row I can really only get results in Japanese, which would be fine if I was further along in this journey, but alas.

It is totally possible that it’s jibberish, it is very much for looks, but I’m hoping it’s not. :smile:

Any help is appreciated!

It’s probably ateji, when Japanese try to explain a concept through kanji the reader should know the meaning of. This for example would be 輔助 help 作 make(might be like artifical or something) 戦 battle 兵器 machine, or a mech made for helping.
@potatonaught has a better translation, my late night brain couldn’t handle the kanji

Probably would help if you could link the keycap set you got too, that way we could get a closer look.

Edit: found it



My guess is it’s what it says on the tin.
輔助 = hojyo = support
作戦 = sakusen = tactics
兵器 = heiki = weapon

It’s for the EVA-08 right? “…when it was seen, it was in a support role… It is seen to be compatible with support weapons like the sniper rifle.”


Ah yeah that makes sense. I will fully admit to not having seen the Rebuild movies yet, so I didn’t think to just see if there were just individual words that I could puzzle out myself within that group–I bought this set solely because it is pink and there’s a pink keyboard to match and I could not resist the allure.


Entirely understandable and valid. It’s a great-looking board!

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