There are no vocabs for 輔?

Hi, I just noticed the kanji (at level 52) didn’t have any associated vocabs.
Is it an uncommon kanji? If not, what’s a common usage for this kanji?



There are a handful of kanji that are in the system because they are commonly used in names. These name items still haven’t been added yet. And no, they’re not commonly used in other situations, though it’s technically possible to use them where appropriate.

For instance, たすける, which is commonly written as 助ける, can also be written as 輔ける (among others).

But this is not a common kanji or reading taught in school.

すけ is a common ending for male names, and 輔 is one way to write it.


It seems like this kanji is commonly used in names.
Is there any famous person with this kanji in name so I can easily remember ? xD

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Here’s a site that lists famous people with that kanji… But whether they’ll be helpful or not is another issue…


Pay attention to the reading information; usually it’s either on’yomi or kun’yom, but for a handful of kanji, it will be “nanori”, meaning the reading is used in names.


Wow i dont know this. Thanks :+1:

So that’s what Nanori means… I’ve wanted to check a few times but forgot about it.

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Is there any plans to add nanori to wanikani👀

It already is on WK. There are kanji in the 50s that teach that as the primary reading in the kanji lesson.

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