Help translating meme

Hey guys!

I saw this meme and I was wondering what’s the meaning of the sentence. I understand that’s something about seeing (-w-), maybe something like he can’t stand seeing it anymore?

Thanks for the help

見える - means to “look like” so I guess it means that it looked like (-w-) and that was bad.

I would say ダメだった is suggesting that he couldn’t concentrate because he was distracted by it looking like a kaomoji.


It’s a math assignment but he couldn’t do it (ダメだった)because it just looked liked (ー ω ー)
(に見えた) to him.


Ah, that looks like it might be roots of unity. Been a while since I did any of that stuff.


I see, thank you all

Good point! I didn’t realise because I was trying too hard not to look at the solution and simplify it myself, so I didn’t realise omega might have a a value that could be guessed from the solution. Omega is a 3rd root of unity here, since the fact that 1+\omega+\omega^2=0 was used. (For anyone who’s curious but not familiar with the topic, it’s because 1+\omega+\omega^2= \frac{1-\omega^3}{1-\omega} and \omega is a solution of z^3=1 – that’s the definition of a ‘3rd root of unity’ – so 1-\omega^3=0.)

(Yes, I had a sudden urge to use a little LaTeX because I remembered Discourse supported it.)

Either way, I completely empathise with the person who wrote the tweet. I couldn’t focus either because it looked like (– ω –). I couldn’t unsee that after reading the post, especially with the long minus signs. :laughing:


(–ω–) i sleep
(+ω+) real shit?


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