Help please - how to complete lessons

i just got wanikani and im on the free trial, i understand its until i reach level 3 but how to i get there? the only thing i have available for me is the review lessons on the same level one radicals. How to i get the go throught the lessons? thanks

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Did you do any lessons yet?

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thanks Omun!


yes i have, the very first one on the radicals but that was it.
thanks for your reply but now i know how to get more levels :smiley:

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The fact that users keep needing to be linked to the knowledge base says something for its apparent lack of exposure.


Yep yep yep.

Though I also remember reading through all of the old FAQ when I started, so something got me to do it. Either because WK advised it upon starting, or because I had a question and found my way to the FAQ.

I wonder if something changed. :thinking:


It could be that the number of new users has increased since then, which would make the percentage of the new user-base that doesn’t find the FAQ be made of more people than in the past, and thus lead to more forum posts.

Either way, if this is happening, it could maybe be more visible to new users. I’m not sure how, though. Maybe if new users were made more aware of the forum’s search function in relation to searching up questions about WaniKani?


I agree with people who said a banner should be on the dashboard to guide new users to the FAQ. Preferably with some direct links to the FAQ topics of getting new lessons, waiting for reviews, and the small kana.

I don’t think they need to be made aware of the search function on the forum, per se, as much as they should be nudged towards reading the Welcome to WaniKani post on the forum. That thread is pinned at the top, and should be one of the first thing a new member sees when they navigate here. It contains the rules of the road for the forum, and one of the first things that topic does is link to the FAQ.


Would an interactive walkthrough be too much of a spoonfeeding method?

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Too much for a beginner. Just a simple banner stating “Why am I not getting new lessons?” with a link to the FAQ would suffice.


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