I can't progress?

I can’t go further? what the hell haha

There should be a blue field that gives you FAQ and WaniKani guide links at the home page. Otherwise read FAQ found at the bottom of the page.



That post is only visible to so called regular users. A regular would have to copy/paste it into this thread. I’m on my smartphone and cannot do it from here.

Post? Isn’t that a reference to the checklist that everyone sees on their dashboard at level 1?

EDIT: oh you were replying to acm, not heisamaniac

And… drink.

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Also… you’re paying for this yet you don’t even know how it works…

I have no words.

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some people think paying subscription opens the whole 60 level, so that is what I guess this is too

in fact, they should be glad subscription doesnt level them up to 60 immediately… I wonder what would they do with thousands of lesson

True, that’s basically what Memrise and Anki are like, you instantly can do as many lessons as you want to. Usually with no regard for the order of items being introduced. Still kind of odd that someone would pay before reading about how the site works.


I wonder how many people have paid subscriptions on levels 1-3. Lately, we’ve had a few of them appear on the forums asking how they get to the “next level”.

Subscribing early has the advantage of letting you view the content in the higher levels. It does not let you take lessons in the higher levels. You still have to work your way one level at a time.

@Rock23, Here is what @acm2010 wanted to post:

WaniKani Guides for Beginners

Every day a new member opens a thread asking the same question. To avoid duplication of effort, here is a list of useful pages for new users. Please bookmark and read these pages before asking more questions. Most likely, your question has already been answered.

WaniKani Official User guide

WaniKani Official FAQ

Unofficial FAQ - questions not found in the Official FAQ.

How to type Japanese characters:

The original Noob thread is very helpful.

People that either don’t read or don’t get the idea of trials…

Either way, why in the name of all that is holy would paying for something let you do all levels at once? What is this, the latest game-breaking DLC that lets you unlock everything instead of playing the game? XD

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I mean, when I first heard of WaniKani (never heard of SRS before) I somehow expected it to be like other services where you just go and go and go through lessons until you want to stop. I was also very confused for a sec about the waiting and thought it was silly so I get the mentality.

Wait…i need to pay for full access??

You have full access to everything from levels 1-3, once you hit the end of level 3 you will need to subscribe in order to progress further. It costs a lot of money to maintain WaniKani, but I assure you it is definitely worth the price. I couldn’t image having to learn all the kanji I have so far without WaniKani.


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