Why can't I do more lessons?

I thought it was because I was on the free version, but I’ve paid for the subscription and I still can’t do any more lessons in a day (I have a message that says “You’ve done all your available lessons!” - I’ve only studied for ~15 minutes today and I can’t do any more lessons? Am I missing something?

I’ve seen people talking about doing a lot of lessons per day, how am I able to do more?

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The knowledge guide is linked in the pinned thread btw


The first few lessons are really slow because it builds up over time based on what you’ve already done. At the start you’ll just have the few radicals, and then the few kanji and that’s that.

Later on you’ll get much larger chunks of vocabulary based on both the new kanji of your level, plus older kanji. That’s how people are doing a lot of lessons. It going too slow the first few levels, and it going too fast once you get to level 10+ or so, are both common complaints people have.


Reminds me of this lol



Ah, ok - so I just can’t do anything more today? That’s a shame I wanted to keep going!

Thanks for the response :slight_smile:


Lol true, true :sweat_smile:

P.S. I think they are a bit too slow. especially if you already have some knowledge.


This is a little bit silly, but technically you can “cheat” and read ahead today, you just won’t officially be able to be tracked doing it in WK.

Personally, I made flashcards for all of the WK radicals (it took a little over a week to blast through them all) even though I’m officially level 17 and I started moving on to kanji already. I also look up kanji on WK while reading so I can see what mnemonic it gives me.

Or you could use the time away from WK so you can work on other skills/resources for Japanese (such as reading Tae Kim’s guide or trying to read a manga or whatever floats your boat).

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dont worry, as soon as you hit lvl 4, after paying subscription, you will get over 100 lessons

then you will be like “why so many lessons?!!!11!1!!”

then hell begins even before hell levels. I really enjoyed wanikani :innocent:


Nah, I think it’s really chilly :wink:

Also, since level 15 or so I’ve only unlocked 60 - 80 new lessons on average when I leveled up.

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